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Thomas Hobbes Scott

Thomas Hobbes Scott was the first ordained minister in the Swan River Colony, tho he was only here by accident.

On his return voyage to England in H.M.S. Success the ship struck a reef off Fremantle in November [1829] and Scott was marooned at the new Swan River settlement. For the first two months he was the only ordained minister at Perth. With help from settlers and particularly the garrison, he built a temporary church, where he held the colony's first Christmas service and the first Holy Communion. When the colonial chaplain, John Wittenoom, arrived Scott gave him brotherly assistance and unofficial advice, and won such popular regard that the village of Kelmscott was named after his birthplace. He sailed for England in the William by way of Batavia, where in November 1830 he opened an English chapel. Ross Border, ADB.

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