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W.M. Renton

William Renton was president of the Lumpers Union in 1919. He led unionist lumpers on 4 May in resisting the state government's use of scab labour to unload the SS Dimboola. They were met by a large force of policemen. In the affray Renton was injured by a blow to the head, while Tom Edwards was hit on the head by a file butt (according to his own account) and died three days later.

FHC photo #2709: 'W M Renton was a committee man in the Fremantle Lumpers Union, 1902 to 1927 and a member of the WA State Industrial Disputes Committee in 1919'.


Thanks for this 1919 photo by Nixon of the WA State Industrial Disputes Committee to FHC #2770A:, with this caption:

Back row: from left: C Haynes (General Secretary WA Amalgamated Society of Railway Employees), A Watts (Secretary Australian Workers Union), W F Forster (President Tally Clerks Union), Fred Baglin (Secretary Fremantle Trades Hall). Front row: Alex McCallum (Secretary Industrial Disputes Committee and General Secretary Australian Labour Federation, WA Branch), A H Panton (President Australian Labour Federation, WA Branch), W M Renton (President Fremantle Lumpers Union).

Nixon obviously took the photo after May 1919 as Renton still has the dressing on his head which was injured by a police baton on Bloody Sunday.

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Bloody Sunday

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