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Midgegoroo (various spellings) was an elder of the group called Beeliar or who lived in the area they called Beeliar, south of the Swan River and west of the Canning River to the sea. He was thought to be over 50 when he shot by the invaders 22 May 1833, following an order of Governor Irwin, tied to the door of the Perth Jail, for 'offences' of which he had no conception. The shooters were four 'volunteers' from the 63rd Regiment of Foot: three shot him in the head, one in the body. It was only four years after invasion that the most significant person in the invaded community in the Fremantle area was taken out by the invaders.

One of his sons was Yagan, who was shot a couple of months later, on 11 July 1833 by colonist William Keats, to gain a monetary reward offered by the government, Yagan having been declared 'outlaw'.

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