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Thomas Mews

Thomas M Mews was a boatbuilder who had premises (and a post office) at Lot 59 Henry St (the Workers Club site) and also to the west of Arthur Head, as the name of Mews Road indicates. His second daughter Mary Ann married Francis Fraser Armstrong. He arrived on the Rockingham, which was wrecked on arrival on 14 May 1830.


FHC photo #2034A by SM Stout, c1890. Caption: The second light house built on Arthur Head (1876/1878 - 1905) is to the right. Below is the TW Mews shipyard in Bathers Bay, established between 1840 and 1860. Next to the right is the abandoned building of the Fremantle Whaling Company, demolished in the 1890s.


This photograph was taken at the back of Lot 59 Henry St, and shows Thomas Mews Junior, one of at least three sons of Thos Mews Snr, outside the first Post Office.

References and Links

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