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Les Lauder

lauderLes Lauder founded the Fremantle Society and served as President 1973-78, and 1992-93. He came from the Geraldton area to the University of Western Australia from which he graduated with a degree in Psychology. He worked as a guidance officer at several Fremantle area schools. Inspired in 1972 by the work of the York Historical Society, he and others called a meeting in the Town Hall on 6 December 1972, which resulted in the establishment of the Society. He has been in the antiques business since 1979, trading with a partner as Lauder & Howard. They are now in Blinco St, but for some time had premises in Albrecht's Brush Factory in Duke St East Fremantle.

Les is the founding president and has been the power behind the Society for most of the time since it was established. The Committee wishes to acknowledge the enormous contribution that Les has made not only to the Society but also to the Fremantle community. (1994 President) Ralph Hoare, Fremantle, February 1994.

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Image: capture from youtube video 2014.

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