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Greg James

Greg James is Fremantle's foremost sculptor. Notable works of his in Fremantle locations include the statue of (sculptor) Pietro Porcelli in King's Square, the fishermen on the wharf in the Fishing Boat Harbour, and the figure of rocker Bon Scott nearby.



Greg James' fisherman, from the Council Calendar for 2008, as put up in Facebook by J Shed


Clipping put up in Facebook by J Shed, source undisclosed

bon scott

Detail of Bon Scott statue, Fishing Boat Harbour, from the Greg James website, used by permission

porcelli statue

Detail of Pietro Porcelli statue, King's Square, from the Greg James website, used by permission

Greg James tells me that among his ancestors was one of the four Glovers who arrived 23 August 1829 on the Marquis of Anglesea - only the sixth ship to arrive in the colony, and only the third to bring settlers.

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