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J.J. Talbot Hobbs

hobbsHobbs was a WW1 general and an architect. In Fremantle he designed Samson House, 1889, the Samson building in Cliff St, 1892, the Scots Presbyterian church, 1897, Victoria Hall, 1897, the Dalgety (Elder/Wilhemsen) building, 1902, the Dalgety (aka Samson) Bond Store, 1901, and the Elder Shenton & Co Building, 37-45 Cliff St, now the home of local paper, The Fremantle Herald, on the corner of Croke Lane (formerly Dalgety St).

He also designed many significant buildings in Perth (such as the Weld Club), Peppermint Grove (including his own house, The Bungalow, Keane St), and elsewhere.

The firm he established, Hobbs, Winning & Leighton, designed the Passenger Terminal (1962) and the Port Authority Building (1963) (at 1 Cliff St) on Victoria Quay.

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