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William Henry Geary

William Henry Geary (c.1795-1869) was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, commanding the Speedwell in 1822. He captained the Gilmore on its passage to the Swan River settlement in Western Australia in 1829, marrying Susan Smythe en route, in Cape Town. Among the passengers was entrepreneur/developer Thomas Peel, as the 500-ton merchant vessel was contracted to convey Peel’s 180-strong contingent of emigrants bound for the Swan River with the intention of establishing a settlement there. Geary returned to England, successfully applied for a grant of land in Australia and settled in Port Macquarie where he was appointed Harbour Master in 1832. He later moved to Moreton Bay, and became the first Harbour Master of Brisbane in 1852.  Susan died a week after moving to Brisbane, aged only 42, and he did not remarry. Children of the marriage: Henry Vincent 1830, Edward Montagu 1833, Medora Ann 1835, Leila Helen 1836, Susan Clemence 1838, Godfrey Nairne Benjamin 1840, Emma Louise 1843, Anna Martha 1846, Douglas Lonsdale 1849.

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