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James Gallop

James Gallop arrived 6 October 1829 aboard the Lotus, with his brothers Richard and Edward, all from a Thakeham, West Sussex workhouse. He and Richard (Edward drowned) were successful in growing vegetables and grapevines. A Gallop had a vineyard where the Leeuwin Barracks is now (until the land is sold). James in the 1870s bought Adam Armstrong's farm containing Dalkeith Cottage (the Armstrong family having named the locality after their place of origin in Scotland) and built a two-storey house now known as Gallop House. In 1897 he had built at 160 High St a residence called Dalkeith House. In 1904 he had built the King's Theatre, which was also known as the Dalkeith Opera House, at 52-62 South Terrace. He was the great-great-grandfather of former WA Premier Geoff Gallop. Gallop St in Hilton named after him.

Where Leeuwin now stands was Gallop's Orchard, mainly grapes. Lewis: 33.

The Dalkeith house known as Gallop House is at 27 Birdwood Parade.

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Government site for Gallop House, Dalkeith

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