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James Flindell

James George Flindell was born in 1834 near Edgbaston, and arrived on the Nile in 1858 with his father, Francis Bassett Shenston Flindell, b. 1809. They had both served in the 'Turkish Contingent' in the Crimean War. James apparently purchased the Pier Hotel from his brother-in-law George Thompson. JGF had a son named George Shenstone Flindell who was born in Toodyay in 1872. GSF, in turn, had a son, by Clara Sophy nee Owen, named James George, who died in the year of his birth, 1898. Clara is shown in a photo available from the FHS with her next child, George Owen Flindell, b. 1899, in the pram. This George was married in 1928. Clara lived to the age of 91, dying in the 1960s.

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