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Alfred George Davies and family

Alfred George Davies (1776-1853) arrived 19 April 1834 on the Quebec Trader, with his sons Alfred Alexander (1811-1875) and Thomas (1825-1902). The patriarch owned Town Lots 420 and 421, which are in the middle of the first block of High St west of Market St, lot 428 (8 Bannister St), lots 429, 430, 455, and 456. Having died in 1853, he was initially interred in the Skinner St Cemetery. When the (current) Fremantle Cemetery opened, his remains were reinterred there, in 1899. He is recorded on his tombstone (see below) as George Davies.

The children of Alfred Alexander Davies (1811-1875) and his wife Hannah included George Alfred (1846-1897), Edward William (1855-1904) — both mayors of Fremantle — and Arthur Elvin (1867-1918) a cabinet-maker and undertaker. The premises of Arthur E. Davies & Company, funeral directors, were at 9-13 Collie St, and then at 85 Market St.

Alfred George Davies 1776-1853

sons of Alfred George

Alfred Alexander 1811-1875

Thomas 1825-1902

sons of Alfred Alexander

George Alfred 1846-1897

Alfred Alexander 1853-1934

Edward William 1855-1904

Arthur Elvin 1867-1918

davies stone

When the Carrington St Cemetery (the current Fremantle Cemetery) opened in 1899, Arthur E. Davies (the funeral director) had his grandfather, father and mother exhumed and reinterred in the Anglican section in the new graveyard. The exhumation order (1899) is reproduced in Liveris (16). Alfred George Davies is called George Davies on the gravestone (above), and his son Alfred Alexander Davies is called Alfred Davies. The second Alfred's wife was Hannah (d. 1896). Their daughter Elizabeth (d. 1916) is also buried there.

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