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Kate Caldwell

Kate Caldwell (1889-1955) was a founding member of the Western Australian Historical Society. She held office as Honorary Research Secretary from 1932–1947 and as Honorary Treasurer from 1948–1949. Caldwell delivered a paper to W.A. Historical Society on 29 May 1931 on the derivation of the names of streets in Fremantle. Caldwell St, Beaconsfield was named after her. It was originally named Blamey Street. FHC.

Kate Caldwell's paper was republished in Ewers.

References and Links

Caldwell, Kate 1931, 'Fremantle street names', Early Days: Journal of Royal WA Historical Society, 1, 9: 45-57; repr. in John K. Ewers, 1971 [1948], The Western Gateway: A History of Fremantle, 2nd ed.; appendix 9: 'Fremantle Street Names': 219-230.

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