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John Bateman Jnr (1824-1909)

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Hitchcock identifies this as the photo of 'John Bateman, Pioneer Shipowner, Merchant and Whaler', but it is unlikely to be John Bateman Snr, because he died in 1855, before photography like this was possible, so this must be John Bateman Jnr (1824-1909). (Hitchcock's History, from which the Nixon photograph is taken, was published in 1929.) John Bateman Jr married Rachel (1829-1899), who was born at Sydenham (then in Kent) which gave its name to his North Fremantle house. Among their children were Charles Henry, their eldest son, Walter, Arthur Ernest Albert, Emma, and Matilda. He died in 1909 and was interred in Fremantle Cemetery at Congregational D 28.

John Bateman Snr (1789-1855) arr. Medina 1830, bought lots, set up business. Three sons: John (1824-1909), Walter (22 June 1826—24 September 1882), Charles (b. 1828). Firm J&W Bateman set up 1860. Walter (died unmarried) sold his share to John 1872. John's son John Wesley Bateman (1852-1907) took over the firm from his father 1900.


Photograph from Battye's 1912 Cyclopedia


The corner of Croke and Henry Streets looking very similar today. Now part of Notre Dame University.

The original John Bateman, who came to the colony in 1830, was the first postmaster in Fremantle and was a member of the first Town Trust formed in 1848. His eldest son, John, became the largest shipowner in the State and employed a large number of men in the whaling and timber industries. Another son, Walter, was Fremantle's first representative in the semi-elective Legislative Council which came into being in 1868. A grandson, John Wesley Bateman, succeeded to the business established in 1857 under the firm name of J. & W. Bateman, which he had previously managed for many years after the death of his uncle, Walter, and the retirement of his father. He took an active part in everything appertaining to the trade of the port and promoted the West Australian Shipping Association in 1884. For five years in succession he was president of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce. Hitchcock: 104.


This plaque near the Bateman graves in Fremantle Cemetery on their Heritage Trail purports to show a photo of the Bateman brothers. It is in fact William Dalgety Moore (1834-1910; seated) and his brother Samuel Joseph Fortescue Moore (1846-1921; standing) from the Battye collection, which records it as having been taken by Alfred Kirk Chopin (1846-1902) in Fremantle 8 July 1873 (as recorded on the reverse). The image is stamped 'Alfred Choppin'. I've informed the MCB but they did not even bother to reply, let alone do anything about it.

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