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Richmond Raceway

Richmond Raceway was a trotting ground in East Fremantle, bounded by Marmion, Silas, George and Moss Streets. It is now mostly housing but Raceway Park is in the centre of the area. Also retained are parts of the entrance gates on the Marmion/Silas (with signage) and George/Moss corners (with turnstiles). The former is Marjorie Green Park. The latter has the name George Booth Park, and is named for the 1943-1958 President of the Committee of the Fremantle Trotting Club.


FHC photo #3630, c. 1924: Looking north across Richmond Park Trotting Ground, where a Seventh Day Adventist camp is being held. This park was originally known as the Polo Ground. Then it was used as a football oval and general playing field until Fremantle Trotting Club bought it in 1917 and developed it as a trotting raceway in the 1920s. The raceway was closed in 1991 and developed for housing in 1994.


One of the two former entraces to the Raceway now stands in a tiny park named for Marjorie Green AOM JP, Deputy Mayor of East Fremantle and Councillor 1974-85. This was the corner of Silas and Marmion, but a new street on the new estate, Bay Patch St, now replaces Marmion Street here for two blocks. Bay Patch was probably a well-known trotter, like Speedy Cheval, of the next street.


George Booth Park, on the diagonally opposite corner of the former Raceway.


Sculpture in Raceway Park, by Vittoria Ulinovich, 2000.

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