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Kitson Park

Kitson Park, East Fremantle, is on the riverfront below the Plympton (now Tradewinds) Hotel, and contains the 'Plympton Steps'. It is named in honour of WH Kitson, MLC.

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kitson park

My photo from 2006 gives some idea of what Kitson Park looked like with its original steps, and many more palm trees. It now looks radically different since being rebuilt in steel and concrete in 2015, apparently due to 'safety' concerns.

kitson park

Bob Sommerville's photo (posted to Facebook) showing the Park in June 2016

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East Fremantle Council Design Workshop on this park 2014: 'The Plympton steps are currently undergoing stabilisation and important safety works and will form an integral part of the plan developed for Kitson Park.'

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