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East Fremantle Oval

East Freo Oval is in an A-class reserve bordered by Moss, Fletcher, Allen, and Marmion Streets. It includes Locke Park, Sumpton Green Community Centre, East Freo Playgroup, EFFC, EF Bowling Club, and EF Croquet Club.

This is the 1949 concept plan for East Fremantle Oval. The ground opened in 1906.

Supported by the East Fremantle Town Council, the ground underwent extensive redevelopment from 1949 to 1953. The redeveloped ground was opened by William Wauhop, the Mayor of East Fremantle, on 25 April 1953, with the president, Pat Rodriguez, and secretary, Billy Orr, of the WANFL in attendance. The first match on the new ground was played on the same date, with East Fremantle defeating Claremont by two points. Wikipedia.

The 2020 plan

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Thanks to Fiona Grieves, William Wauhop's family.

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