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The mountain bike track is between Boo Park and the Royal Fremantle Golf Course, in an area considered not suitable either for golf or walking. I believe kids saw the potential for a downhill ride with jumps and simply made it themselves—as early as 2018. The Council has seen the PR potential and is taking ownership of the idea and promising cash support—which so far hasn't seemed necessary.

Update. In the last month of 2019, the Mayor announced a 'plan' to 'establish' mountain bike trails. (Ref. below) The trails have been in existence from the top of the hill right down to Stevens Street for at least a year, and possibly two—so for the council to be claiming the idea as its own new development is simply dishonest. In fact, the Fremantle Society proposed a 'bicycle track' for the Park as long ago as 1993! (Ref. below)

locksI don't understand, given the Council's alleged beneficent attitude, why the gates at the bottom and top of the track are always padlocked—so that the kids have to lift their bikes over the fence at some point.
Which is not good for the fence, among other things, not to mention the little kids.


UPDATE 7 August 2019. The FCC Manager of Parks has 'clarified' the position: "The fencing and gates are a requirement of the Site Management Plan as we are required to restrict access to this area. We still need to comply with this requirement until we get the track built." In other words: "You can't have your track. You can have ours, but not until we're ready to give it to you".


Photos above show the top and bottom gates. The one below shows the middle gate (which is opposite the gate to the 'back' of the amphitheatre). If there were a chain and padlock, they have now (19 August 2019) been taken away, and the gate is open. So the other gates might as well be open also.


Mid-September 2019 the top gate is locked open:


... which must have done by someone with the key of the padlock - so is it officially open? However, the bottom gate is still padlocked, so just what is management's line?

The confusion continues:


Now (17 October 2019) the middle gate is padlocked, but ...


... a few metres away someone has pulled out a fence-post.

I guess that makes it the Council's move.

I presume this is all about insurance and liability. Perhaps the Council could deal with it by putting up a sign saying something along the lines of ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, and stop worrying about fences and locked gates, which just makes them look silly.

References and Links

A summary of a Fremantle Society submission re the development of the 'Montreal Street Open Space', as it was then called, prepared by Trevor Knowles, is in the newsletter for October 1993. It's striking to see that a 'bicycle track' is in the 'highly desirable' category. The FS may not have had in mind an adventure bike track, but perhaps just paved paths like those that now exist in the body of the Park—but it was at least thinking of cycling for exercise if not organised sport.

Roel Loopers, 'Mountain bike trails for Booyeembara park', freoview, 7 May 2019.

Brad Pettit, 'Boo Park mountain bike trails move to the next phase', Mayor's blog, 18 December, 2019.

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