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Fremantle Park

Fremantle Park was established in 1879 for the use of the people of Fremantle.


Fremantle Park is now bordered by Ellen, Parry and (relatively new) Ord Streets, but the original 45 acre reserve originally extended all the way up to East Street, and included what is now John Curtin school. Department of Defence requisitioned some of it, and then the Education Department took it over.

Here is David Hutchison's history of the park.

Tennis and Bowling clubs are in the Parry/Ellen St corner, while most of the rest of what is left of the original grant is a playing field (which is also used occasionally for 'events'). Those two clubs, together with the Workers Club, will make use of new club facilities as the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre, governed by the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Board.

It is expected that the new clubhouse will be constructed in 2019 - tho I'm predicting a 2020 opening. The new two-storey building will occupy what is now the bowling green immediately to the Ellen St side of the present Bowling Club building, with the main entrance from Ellen St.

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