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commerceChamber of Commerce




Deckchair Theatre

Enrolled Military Pensioners


History Society

Fremantle Park

Fremantle Society

masonic hallFreemasons

Pensioners Benefit and Loan Society

Fremantle Ports (formerly Harbour Trust, Port Authority)

Royal Engineers

Ugly Men's Association, Uglieland


British Army

Flying Angel Club, Queen Victoria St (see also Rosa Henriques Smith)

Masonic Hall, Amherst St, cnr High St

gasGas and Coke Company, 1895

Trotting Club, 1927

Masonic Hall, Canning Road, East Fremantle nr Dalgety St

oddfellowsOddfellows Hall, William St

Police Force

Prison Warders

Volunteer Rifle Corps

References and Links

Hitchcock, JK 1929, The History of Fremantle, The Front Gate of Australia, 1829-1929, Fremantle City Council.

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