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formerly Fremantle Harbour Trust, Port Authority

The first Harbour Trust for Fremantle was appointed in 7 January 1903, with Robert Laurie, MLC (chair); AG Leeds, C Hudson, A Sandover and T Coombe. The Secretary was FWB Stevens: he had been associated with the harbour scheme as secretary to CY O' Connor. Hitchcock: 80.

From 1904 it was housed in a building 'in' Cliff St, more or less where the present building stands. Said building had formerly been O'Connor's offices on Arthur Head during the construction of the harbour.

In 1929 the commissioners were: T Carter (chairman), JHG Taylor, WHA Tanner, LL Bateman and PG McMahon, with FWB Stevens, secretary. Hitchcock: 80.

The port of Fremantle, as controlled by the board of Fremantle Harbour Trust Commissioners to-day [1929], consists of the whole of the sheltered area of water lying between the mainland and Rottnest, Carnac and Garden Islands, and the reefs connecting these islands, and includes also the inner harbour basin within the estuary of the Swan River, at present extending up the river as far as the existing railway bridge. FWB Stevens, in Hitchcock: 142.

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