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The University of Notre Dame in Fremantle Western Australia has a campus map available online, and they do regular guided tours of the University buildings, but they don't have a tour guide online. I thought I'd make a make a start on that, in the hope that they might do a more professional job than I can. When I say below that there is no information, I mean of course just that I don't have much. The University would have heaps of information about each building.

This page is arranged by building numbers on the NDU campus map, not by street nor in an order in which you might tour the University. You might want to download the complete map PDF from their site, as I won't copy all their building details here. This is the 2018 version of the map. I may not yet have changed the building occupancies below to bring them up to this date.


17 Mouat

ND1. Vice Chancellery etc. What is now the headquarters of Notre Dame University was built in 1887 for merchant William Sandover at 17-19 Mouat St.


ND2. Malloy Courtyard. This was warehousing.


ND3. Prindiville Hall. David Hutchison writes that 'No. 25 was the site of an old picture garden and a row of six cottages. The Batemans built a warehouse in the 1880s, which was demolished in 1937, and the cottages in 1942.' (116) From that, I assume the present building dates from the 1940s. Said building is Prindiville Hall.



ND4. Tannock Hall of Education (named for the first VC, Peter Tannock) is a 2010 building on the corner of Cliff and Croke Streets, designed by Marcus Collins. The Pier Hotel once stood here.

25 High

ND5. P&O Hotel: student residence, classrooms. The Victoria Hotel was previously on the site, from about 1870, on the SE corner of Mouat and High, at 25 High St. It was sold in the 1890s and either renovated or rebuilt and renamed the P&O Hotel, completed 1901. The verandahs of the 1901 building were restored in 2002, tho sadly it is still lacking its original clock tower.

26 Mouat

ND6. Student Recreation Hall. The Strelitz brothers built this warehouse at 26 Mouat St in 1700.

32 Mouat

ND7. Student Centre. Bateman's Hardware Store, at 32 Mouat St, is now NDU's Student Centre.


ND8. Holy Spirit Chapel. On the corner of Mouat and Croke Streets. The entrance is on the northern side, off ND15 the Bateman Courtyard. Of unknown provenance atm. ND 9 Student Services including the Campus Ministry adjoin this building immediately to the north.


The Chapel from the northern side, off ND15 the Bateman Courtyard.


ND9 Campus Ministry and ND10 Student Services. The Campus Ministry and the Student Services office, including Careers, Counselling, and the Volunteer Network, are between the Chapel and the School of Law, off the Bateman Courtyard. Unknown atm what the building was used for beforehand.


ND11. School of Law. Tho the street frontage, this is the rear of the School of Law building, in Croke St. The entrance is from the north, off N15 Bateman Courtyard. Provenance unknown to me.

port lodge

ND12 Port Lodge. Port Lodge, 28 Marine Terrace, is now a student residence. This was once Rosa Henriques Smith's Sailors' Rest. The building complex is much larger than this facade suggests. The Student Bookshop adjoins to the east, on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace: it appears to be an add-on to the Sailors' Rest building.

law library

ND13. Law Library. Also the street frontage but the rear of the Law Library, in Croke St. The front entrance is from the north, off N15 Bateman Courtyard. Provenance unknown to me atm.


ND14. School of Law Offices. On the corner of Henry and Croke Streets, part of the extensive Bateman buildings. ND34, part of the School of Medicine, is at the other, northern end of the same building.

N15 Bateman Courtyard gives access to ND10 Campus Ministry and ND16 General Classroom Building, a modern building.


ND17. St Teresa's Library. Modern building, designed by Marcus Collins. Unknown atm what was there before.


ND18. School of Medicine Offices. School of Medicine offices to the right with St John of God Hall (general classrooms) adjoining at 21 (21-27?) Henry St, next building to the south after the Orient Hotel. Unknown provenance atm.


ND19. Study Abroad Offices. National Bank, 16 High St. It's now NDU's Study Abroad Offices and part of the School of Arts and Sciences. ND20 is shown but not identified on the NDU map: it looks like a carpark.


ND21. St John of God Hall. St John of God Hall, a general classroom block, centre, with School of Medicine offices adjoining to the right, at 21 (21-27?) Henry St. Unknown provenance atm.


ND22. Court House. This 1884 building was the Colony's third courthouse. The first two, 1835, and 1851, were both on Arthur Head. The fourth is in Henderson St and the and fifth is nearby in Holdsworth St. Notre Dame is so lucky to have the use of this one.


ND23. Prospective Students. This is the eastern end of Owston's Buildings, 9-23 High St, which occupy most of the block between Mouat St (where 23 is on that corner) and Cliff St (where ND33 is now, in the former Bank of NSW). Next to the Prospective Students office is ND45, the Campus Services Office (so this image will therefore appear again below). Owston was a shipowner.


ND24. Philosophy and Theology. In Croke St, on the right, this brick building adjoins the former drill hall which is ND25 and follows this.

drill hall

ND25. The Drill Hall. A former army drill hall between Croke St and Marine Tce is now an NDU function centre: the ceremonial, lecture and conference hall. The next building to the left, on Marine Tce, is ND22, the Court House. ND26 and ND27 are parking areas.


ND28. Physiotherapy. Western Australian Bank, 1891, 22 High St, aka Bank of NSW, Westpac Building, Challenge Bank. The former bank building on the NE corner of Mouat and High Streets is 18 in the former and 22 in the latter. Constructed for the Bank of Western Australia in 1891, it was later a branch of the Bank of NSW (now Westpac). The pediment has AD 1891 in stucco. The red-brown and caramel building to the east in High St is ND30 Cleopatra Hotel. ND29 appears to be another parking area.


ND30. Cleopatra Hotel. Cleopatra Hotel, 24 High St, 1907, with me standing outside in the Google Street View photo. According to the NDU map, this is student residence, but there is something on the ground floor called the Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice, and apparently also something called Tuart Place - which may be the same thing.


ND31 Physiotherapy Laboratory. The Commercial Bank building, at 20 High St, on the NW corner of High and Mouat Sts, was later a branch of the National Bank of Australia, and the building, which was renovated in 1960, dates from 1902.


ND32. Arts & Sciences. Union Bank of Australia, 1889, 4 High St, cnr Cliff St. The Church of England bought the building in 1930 for the Flying Angel Mission to Seamen. The small building to the left was the Seamen's Chapel 1937-1960.


The Seamen's Chapel 1937, dominated by the Samson bond store on the left and the (former) Union Bank on the right. Both Chapel and Bank are now part of NDU.


ND33. IT. The Bank of NSW building, at 7 High St, cnr Cliff St, was built for Owston in 1899. Wikipedia page


ND34. Part of the School of Medicine. The other end of the former Bateman building at the southern end of which is ND14, part of the School of Law. This northern end is part of the School of Medicine, most of which is over the road, at ND35.


ND35. School of Medicine. The imposing D & J Fowler Building, 1700, extending through to Pakenham St, was occupied in the 1980s and 1990s by the Fremantle Furniture Factory.


ND36. School of Education. The original hotel on the site at 2-8 Mouat St was called His Lordship's Larder. The current building, from 1890, now the NDU School of Education, is His Majesty's Hotel, but it was briefly called by its former name after its Americas Cup renovation.


ND37. School of Nursing. The P&O Building, 17-19 Phillimore St, dating from 1903, was built for the AUSNC (the Aust Union Steamship Navigation Co), the initials of which can be seen in the pediment. It is now part of the School of Nursing, as is also the neighbouring building to the east.


ND38. School of Medicine. This is 29 Henry St, shown on the NDU map as part of the School of Medicine, but offered for sale for c. $2mill. The agent's photos showed the interior to be residential.


ND39. School of Medicine. Another part of the School of Medicine, at 45 Henry St, adjoining ND38 at 47 Henry St, and also over the road from ND35 which is the major part of this School.


ND40. School of Health Sciences. The Frank Cadd Building, 1890, at 33 Phillimore St, is now part of the School of Health Sciences, together with a new building to the east on what was a carpark. The building to the west in the photo is ND36 His Majesty's Hotel, the School of Education. ND41 is a carpark.


ND42. Chancellery. Hotel Fremantle, 6 High St, 1899, lacking its corner turret and flagpole (like the P&O Hotel). This is now not only the Chancellery but also contains offices of the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Business, and Nursing. The bar on the ground floor is unchanged, and I believe serves the Staff Club. Lucky them!

1 mouat

ND43. School of Nursing. Building of Howard Smith and Sons, from 1700, at 1-3 Mouat St, now the School of Nursing and Midwifery.


ND44. Academic Enabling and Support Centre. Patrick Hagan, the licensee of the Victoria Hotel (see P&O) had a house here, at 28 Mouat St. The Strelitz brothers built the warehouse on the site in 1880. Eric Carr converted it into his workshop and residence in 1976.


ND45. International Student Office, etc. It is the eastern end of Owston's Buildings, 9-23 High St, which occupy most of the block between Mouat St (where ND23, Prospective Students Office, is on that corner) and Cliff St (where ND33 is now, in the former Bank of NSW). Campus Services Office was located in ND45 before being moved to ND48. Owston was a shipowner.


ND46. Health Sciences Research. The new building of NDU's School of Health Sciences at (35?) Phillimore St on the corner with Henry St, designed by Marcus Collins. ND47 is a carpark, the one behind the Liebler/Reckitt & Colman facade at 21-29 Cliff St, next to 1 High St.


ND48, the building at 7 Pakenham St was built in 1907 by the Strelitz brothers for the Vacuum Oil Company. Patterson sold it to Elder Smith in 1950; then Seppelts took it over in 1968. After the Cwlth Govt moved out, Notre Dame moved in, and it's now where their Campus Services and IT are housed, the former having moved from the Ajax Building, and the latter from the Bank of NSW.


ND49, 50. After the Cwlth Govt moved out, Notre Dame bought these buildings and is redesigning them. They are parts of the building complex on Pakenham, Phillimore, and Henry Streets. The photo shows only the Falk Building. See also the Robert Harper/Jebsens building on the corner of Pakenham/Phillimore.

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