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North Fremantle People

John Bick was the owner of the Swan Hotel.

Robert Bracks was a Councillor 1901-1924, and Mayor of North Fremantle for three periods: 1907-1908, 1919-1924, and 1931- 1932.

John Bruce was the commander of the Enrolled Pensioner Guards, and was granted land in North Fremantle in 1851 and 1857. John and Bruce Streets in North Fremantle are both named after him.

W.H. Burford & Sons Pty Ltd had a soap factory in North Fremantle.

Andrew Burns in the late 1880s owned a six acre block through which Burns Road now passes.

M.J. Corkhill was a North Fremantle Councillor 1932-1961 and a Fremantle Town Councillor 1961-1962. There is a Corkhill Landing on Victoria Quay.

Glen Doepel (1895-1992) was a pharmacist in North Fremantle.

J. Feeney was a North Fremantle Councillor and a Fremantle Councillor 1961-1968.

J.H. Herbert was a Town Councillor 1876-1885.

Patrick Hevron was Mayor of North Fremantle 1905-06, and councillor 1897-1920. Originally known as Frederick Street, changed 1893.

The John Leighton family were pioneers of North Fremantle, and the Beach is named after the family.

Lionel Lukin owned land in the 1840s where the North Wharf now is. He owned the first goods barge Fanny of Perth, which ran between Fremantle and Perth in the early 1830s. He owned Lots 1, 5 & 6 on the north bank of the Swan River, and had his own river jetty.

John McCabe was Secretary to the East Fremantle Football Club and Mayor of North Fremantle from 1924 to 1931.

Frederick Mason, a Fremantle jeweller, owned many of the lots in Jewell Parade.

Frederick T. Pamment was an early landowner and hotelkeeper in North Fremantle.

Henry Passmore (1840-1920) was born in Raleigh, Barnstaple, Devon. He arrived in Western Australia in 1865 as a warder in charge of convicts. He was in charge of convict public works, roads, river dredging, etc. He was a member of North Fremantle Council, and a Justice of the Peace, and was buried with full military honours. He called his street Raleigh Place/Avenue, but it was renamed after his death after him as Passmore Avenue.

George Pearse was a Town Councillor, 1875–1881.

C.P. Rule was a North Fremantle Councillor 1948-60, and a Fremantle Town Councillor, 1961-62 and 1968-73. He served on the Fremantle Cemetery Advisory Committee and was President of Friendly Societies Pharmacies for twenty-one years. Rule was also Secretary of the North Fremantle Bowling Club for twenty years.

Ronald John Staples (1910-) served North Fremantle and Fremantle as a Councillor 1940-1961 and 1961-1973. He was born in North Fremantle in 1910, and educated at North Fremantle Primary School and Fremantle Boys School and worked in clerical occupations until his retirement. He was actively involved in community activities.

C.A.B. (Amos) Staton was a North Fremantle Councillor.

Arthur Turton was North Fremantle Mayor 1932-45.

William Henry Walter was Mayor of North Fremantle and Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, a WW1 veteran, a foreman/plumber with the Fremantle Harbour Trust (Fremantle Ports). In 1962, after twenty-two years of service, William and his wife were presented with the Keys to the City.

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