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North Fremantle Buildings

gfTown Hall

gfGilbert Fraser Grandstand, John Street

greshamGresham Hotel, John Street

roseRose Hotel (first, lost) 69 John Street (now Tydeman Road)

roseRose Hotel (second, extant) Perth Road (now Stirling Highway)

swanSwan Hotel, Perth Road

nfpNorth Fremantle Primary School (former) Stirling Highway, on the site of the former convict hiring depot

stmarysSt Mary's North Fremantle

stannesSt Anne's North Fremantle

wesleyWesleyan Church North Fremantle

turtonHillcrest House, 23 Harvest Road, off Helen Street - now Turton Street

turtonTurton House, 25 Harvest Road, cnr Turton Street (formerly Helen Street)

benningfieldBenningfield House, 37 John Street

winemineWine Mine (former), 28 Thompson Road

alberthallAlbert Hall, 3 Pearse Street (formerly Mason Street)

Mason's Hall, John Street (now Tydeman Road) corner of Hall Street - lost

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