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Williams' inn

The first Guildford rendezvous of this society was at George Williams' inn which is thought to be at the Woodbridge farm (later occupied by Walter Jones and Jonathon Jecks as a hotel and later by J. Seabrook) but I have never been sure of the exact location of this farm house. Tuckfield 1971: 75.

The meetings had been held at George Williams’ inn, possibly situated close to where the Woodbridge Hotel is now, but at the beginning of 1834, Williams moved to Perth and opened the Perth Hotel.
Previous to this, the Cleikum was the gathering point for the grandly styled Guildford Kangaroo Hunt whose members, most of them also in the Agricultural Society, boasted many of the colony’s leading gentlemen - among them George Fletcher Moore, William Locke Brockman, who was its secretary, and Peter Broun. (Carter: 43-44)

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