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Plympton Hotel

The Plympton Hotel (1898) at 59 Canning Highway on the corner of Hubble St in the Plympton ward of the Town of East Fremantle is now called the Tradewinds Hotel. There were major additions recently at the time the name was changed.

Plympton is the SW ward of the Town of East Fremantle, containing the Town Hall (1899) and former (originally Plympton) Post Office (1898). It was earliest area of development in East Fremantle: the Plympton Hotel was the venue for the first meeting of the East Fremantle Town Council on 14 August 1897. Plympton was originally mainly property owned by the family of William Pearse between East and Silas Sts (Lee: 127). When the Pearse estate was subdivided, many of the new streets were given Pearse family names. Plympton is a village in Devon on the Plym River between Plymouth and Dartmoor, but I do not yet know of any connexion between the village and an EF resident — though WS Pearse must be the most likely.

The hotel was once known as Jack Sheedy's Plympton Hotel. Jack Sheedy (1926-) is a former Australian rules footballer and coach. He played for East Fremantle and East Perth in the Western Australian National Football League (WANFL) and South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Sheedy attended Richmond State School in East Fremantle and Fremantle Boys' School in Fremantle, captaining both schools' football teams. He worked as a clerk at the Fremantle Harbour Trust.


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