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Lodge's Hotel

1 Henry St, built before 1869 (1864, or earlier) demolished 1958.

It is possible that this was the first three-storey building in the state, as has been suggested. I believe that this may be the same building that was formerly known as the Castle Hotel, which was in existence before 1864.

Lodge's Hotel soon lost its licence. It first was used as a private house, and then became a school for young ladies until 1880, then a private hotel 1884-6, and then the (first) Fremantle Club, an organisation serving the needs of Fremantle businessmen, 1887-1912. After the Fremantle Club moved on, the building was available for the use of the Fremantle Workers Club, which purchased it in 1916 (previously thought to be 1914) from the AMP Society for £2000.

Mr Lodge built a three-storied hotel on Lot 57 Henry St (no. 1) '(before 1869)', according to the Fremantle Times, but: 'it was not a financial success being on too ambitious a scale for the times. By 1869 it was the private residence of WD Moore, and in 1919 was the Workers Club'. Fremantle Times, 2 May 1919, as typed out on a sheet in FHC Folder 367. Note: the Workers Club was in the building from 1914 onwards.

The Workers Club gained a purpose-built building at 7-9 Henry St from 1956, and the Lodge's Hotel building was demolished in 1958 to provide a carpark for Workers members. There was a plan to have a 'cabaret ballroom' building above the carpark, but it did not eventuate, and the Club sold the site to NDUA, and it continues to be one of their carparks.

Records 1880-1981

1880-1883 owner Mr Gregor; tenants:

1880 Cowan (ladies school) house and school
1881 Geo Spencer Compton (clerk-magistrate) dwelling house etc.
1882 GS Compton, dwelling house lots 56 1/3 and 57
1883 Sandover and Mayhew (merchants) business premises and offices lots 56 1/3 and 57

1884-5 owner WE Marmion; tenant:

1884 HR Alvarenga (cook) dwelling house and warehouse lots 56 1/3 and 57
1885 HR Alvarenga [crossed out] (eating house, private hotel) coffee palace and outbuildings

1886-1897 owner Wm Edward Marmion and Robert Sholl; tenant:

1886 Marmion and Sholl (house pro.) coffee palace and outbuildings
1887-1897 Fremantle Club

1898-1912 owner Fremantle Club

1913-6 owner AMP Society; tenant:

1913 none (dwelling)
1914-6 Workers Social and Leisure Club (Club premises)

1916-1981 owner Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club Inc.; tenant:

1916-7 Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club (Club premises No. 19)
1919-20 Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club (Club premises No. 19)
1930-1 Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club Alfred Joseph Gregg (Club premises No. 19)
1940-1 Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club (Club premises No. 1 Henry St)
1950-2 Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Hour Club John Bowe (Club No. 1 Henry St)
1980-1 Fremantle Workers Social Club (No. 1 Henry St)

(Typed record in LHC Folder 367, copied from the ratebooks)

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