Fremantle Hotels

Licensees 1888



(Before Mr. R. Fairbairn, RM., Mr. D. K. Congdon, Dr. Hope, Dr. Barnett, and Mr. L. W. Clifton.)

The following licenses were granted:— 

General Licenses.

J G Flindell, Pier Hotel; P Hagan, Victoria Hotel; Thomas Wand, Club Hotel; E H Fothergill, Cleopatra Hotel; T F McCarthy, National Hotel; Jarvis Hoult, Pearlers' Hotel; F T Pamment, Freemason's Hotel; A A Davies, Oddfellows' Hotel; and F Caesar, Richmond Hotel.

Wayside Licenses.

Mr Day, Rockingham Hotel; J Bell, Port Hotel.

Hotel Licenses. Charles H Pierce, His Lordship's Larder.

Spirit Merchant's License.

W D Moore A Co., J McCleery, Smith & Newman, G R Woods, W E Marmion, E Solomon, J J Higham, and George Shenton.

Gallon Licenses.

T G Brown, Frank Henderson, Geo. A. Davies, W Sandover, W F Samson, J&W Bateman, B C Wood & Co., Symon, Hammond & Hubble, and J G Wilson.

Wine and Beer.   

W A Fishwick, Star Hotel; Cornelius Glasson, Stanley Hotel; Edward Tonkin, Welsh Harp.

Eating, Boarding, and Lodging House Licenses.

William Smith, Alex. Campbell, Jno. Waldron, Jane Alvarenga, and Henry Makaals.

Colonial Wine.

Geo. A Davies, W and F Easton, and R Davies.


Capt. Theakston for the s.s. Dolphin.

Hawkers' Licenses.

Abraham Kott, Maurice Cohen, Jos. Miller, M Grieff, Barnet Bogalisky, Monsur Abbi, Abdul Rahmin, Hamedeer Rahmin, Kurd Abbas, Mohammed Buff, Abdul Rahman, Balath Hassim, and J Asher.

New Applications.

Messrs. Farmer & Imray for the Commercial Hotel, High-street; granted. Jno Snook, for the Federal Hotel, William-street; granted. John Bick, for the Swan Hotel, North Fremantle; granted. Jos Nowell applied for colonial wine and beer license for   premises in Bannister street. Mr. Shaw was for the applicant, and Mr. Lovegrove opposed the application. The Bench adjourned to consider the matter, and subsequently refused the application.

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