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Hotel Fremantle

6 High St, 1899

fremantle hotel

Hotel Fremantle, 6 High St, corner of Cliff St, lacking its corner turret and flagpole, like the P&O Hotel. This was designed by Wilkinson & Smith, and built in 1898-99 for Bacon Forrest Co., and a renovated version was the Kiwi headquarters for the Americas Cup defence in 1987. 'At that time application of a heavy surface coating masked the texture of the limestone and detail of the stucco mouldings'. (Hutchison: 100) A residence at the rear had been built for WD Moore in 1885. During WW2 it was set up as a hospital and operating theatre. It is now part of the NDU.

fremantle hotel

Members of the family of George Fletcher Moore lived on the site of our hotel. ... Their home is still there; it nestles in the back of the old shape of the Fremantle Hotel. The Donnybrook stone building you see there today was added in the 1890s. (Smith 1999: 92)

fremantle hotel

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