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Hotel Cottesloe

1937, Hobbes, Forbes and partners

Part of the scene since the earliest days of the beach’s development, the Hotel Cottesloe, situated on the corner of Swanbourne Terrace and John Street was [originally] built in 1905 by contractor J. Crothers for Mr McPhee, an investor and future Lord Mayor of Perth, Thomas George Anstruther Molloy purchased the hotel shortly after its completion, later disposing of it in 1937 to Mr Reynolds.
Until the mid 1930s the building had a distinctive colonial appearance, with the wide wooden lower and upper verandahs providing protection from the setting western sun.
In 1907 it was suggested that the licensee provide hitching posts outside his premises, as many of the hotel’s visitors were using the council tree guards to tie up their horses. During the initial stages of the jetty’s popularity, only two buildings of any importance lined Swanbourne Terrace: the Hotel Cottesloe and the Manly Hostel, both of which exhibited magnificent ocean views and catered for the needs of residents and those lucky enough to be on vacation. James: 91.

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