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Castle Hotel

Lot 56, no. 1 Henry St

This hotel was in Henry St before 1864 and was prominent on the skyline in a panoramic photo by Stephen Stout of about that time. It is shown on an 1885 map* as being on Town Lot 56, the second from the NW corner of what is now Phillimore St, so must have been exactly where Lodge's Hotel later stood c. 1867. In fact, I think it was the same building, the one built by Mr Lodge. If so, it must have lost the name 'Castle' very early on.

Stout opened his photographer's studio in 1864 in Henry St 'opposite the late Castle Hotel' (Dowson: 84) suggesting that the hotel had already gone by the date when those words were published in an advertisement in the West Australian: 4 August 1864. The meaning might have been not that the building had gone, but that it was no longer a hotel.

References and Links

Data and photograph (detail) from: John Dowson 2003, Old Fremantle, UWAP: 87. *Dowson refers to the map as a 'Plan of the Town of Fremantle. This is a c1885 version (ref. 24/7/16) of the August 1877 Surveyor General's map by C. Woodhouse' (2003: 81).

Article about Stout in historyofwaphotography, including the advertisment mentioned above.

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