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Albion Inn

The Albion Inn was a hostelry maintained by John Duffield, perhaps from 1839 to 1844. Not to be confused with the Albion Hotel in Cottesloe, it was a house at Lot 117, Pakenham St (the third lot from the end on the western side), and was called the Albion Inn in this advertisement in the Perth Gazette, 28 September 1839.

B Y  P U B L I C  A U C T I O N,
by Messrs. L. & W. Samson,
On Thursday, the 3d day of October, the property of a person about to leave
the Colony,
A HOUSE at Fremantle, formerly called the Albion Inn, in fee-simple, being Allotment No. 117 ...

The Perth Gazette for 23 Jan 1836 refers to the names of six licensees of hotels in Fremantle and eight in Perth. The Albion was under the proprietorship of Mary F. Crisp.

John Duffield received Licenses for sale of Liquor at the Albion, advertised 6 Feb 1841 and 3 Feb 1844; and he advertised to sell goods which travellers had left at the Albion and not reclaimed, on 17 Aug 1842.

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Many thanks to Duffield family member Philip Pope, who provided most of the information above.

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