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18 Dalgety Street, East Fremantle


The hospital was built in 1902 as a family home by William Dalgety Moore, best known for founding the company W.D. Moore and Co, from which well-known businesses Dalgety’s and Moore’s grew.

Woodside was purchased by Dr Edwin East in the 1926 and used as a private hospital. After being converted to flats in 1946, it was bought by the state government and opened as a maternity hospital in the early 1950s. Wards and wings were added to the original house at this time.

The State Heritage register notes that the hospital was established to meet the demands of the local community, and went on to be a leader in the evolution of modern maternity practice in Western Australia, including the introduction of home-birthing and post-natal support services.

Woodside closed as a hospital in 2014, will continue as an aged care facility. This was the home of the Moore family, and that building substantially remains. (Lee: 147)

Fremantle Library Local History Collection photo #5126, c. 1985, with the following caption.
Woodside Hospital in East Fremantle was originally built as a home for William Dalgety Moore who owned an importing and exporting business in Fremantle. In the 1930s, Dr East purchased the property and used it as a private hospital. During World War II it was converted to flats. The State Government bought it after the War and it was opened as a Maternity Hospital in 1954. Matron Leggett was the first Matron.




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