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Fremantle Hospital


Fremantle Hospital occupies all the land between South Terrace and Hampton Rd with Alma St on one side and the Fremantle Oval on the other.



The original Fremantle Hospital on the site was The Knowle, built by Lt-Colonel Edmund Henderson KCB, Comptroller-General of Convicts 1850-63, as a home for himself and his wife and son. It was used as a hospital from 1897, and is still part of the complex.

After Colonel Henderson's departure from the Colony in 1863, The Knowle was used by a number of Establishment Officers, and then served as an Imperial Invalid Depot. It was handed over to the colonial government in 1886. Through the 1890's, hospital services in Fremantle were still housed in the old Pensioner Barracks on South Terrace. Attempts to arouse government interest in building a new hospital failed, and finally in 1895 the government agreed to a proposal to provide new accommodation in the adjoining Knowle. After some alteration and addition, including a third bay wing, it was opened as Fremantle Public Hospital in 1897. The Knowle is still in use in the middle of the Fremantle Hospital complex, and still retains many of the original features and details - including an elegant verandahed elevation, a prison workshops staircase, metalwork and joinery. Campbell: 6.5.

Fremantle Primary School was on South Terrace from 1904 before the current hospital building, as was Marmion Cottage (1852, aka Government House).


The Fremantle Intermediate School was built in 1904. In 1927 it was renamed South Terrace State School (ie, primary school). The buildings continue to exist as Block A (shown above) of Fremantle Hospital; in 1987 they were used as the Day Care Centre at the NW corner of the complex.

Fremantle Infants School (ie, kindergarten), aka Alma St Infants, was on the NE corner of Alma St and South Terrace; where the corner of Fremantle Hospital with the Emergency Dept was until it was closed in 2014.

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