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Braemar House

Braemar House, 10 Windsor Road, East Fremantle - not a hospital, but an aged-care facility. This was the site of the house of John Hugh Gracie (1855-1927), manager of the Castlemaine Brewery on Riverside Drive (now Road) East Fremantle, but none of that building remains. (Lee: 147) It has been a home for the aged since 1950. (Lee: 109)

In 1912, Gracie married his third wife, Christina (Ethel) Durkin. They resided at 3 Riverside Road, close to Castlemaine Brewery, until 1915. From 1915 until 1927 he lived at a magnificent property at 214 Canning Highway, East Fremantle known as Kensington. In September 1927 this was auctioned into six separate blocks. The site is now occupied by Braemar House, an aged care facility. The current street address of Braemar House is 10 Windsor Road and there are a number of buildings standing between it and Canning Highway. (streetsofeastfreo)

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