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Fremantle Harbour Masters

currie Captain Mark John Currie, 1829-1832 >
Captain Daniel Scott, 1839-1851 >
Captain James Harding, 1851-1867. Life lost on duty
Captain George J. Butcher, 1867-1868 (acting)
Lieutenant James Croke, 1868-1874. Croke Street/Lane
Captain George Forsythe, 1874-1886
Captain Charles R.T. Russell, 1886-1902
Captain Charles James Irvine, 1902-1916
Captain John Francis Morrison, 1917-1921 (acting)
Captain Harold Stevens Nicholas, 1921-1937
Captain William Raymond Clack, 1937-1940
scott Captain Willie Kenneth Saunders, 1940-1945
Captain Albert Ernest Trivett, 1945-1953. Captain's Lane
Captain Forrest H.B. Humble, 1953-1965, v. George Humble.
Captain Alexander B. Brackenridge, 1965-1968
Captain John Adams, 1968-1972. 100 years old 15 Mar 2016
Captain Robert S. Campbell, 1972-1976
Captain Michael Coleman, 1976-1986
Captain John Barron, 1986-1988
Captain Eric J. Atkinson, 1988-2008, longest-serving
Captain Allan J. M. Gray, 2008-

Several harbour masters were painters, including George Forsyth, Charles Russell (and E.J. Miller? [Dowson 2011: 27])

allan gray

Captain Allan Gray, Harbour Master

Eric Atkinson

Captain Eric Atkinson

OH inspection

Peter Wright, Captain Jack Adams, Captain Robert Campbell, Robert Manford, 1974

Michael Coleman

Captain Michael Coleman, c. 1968


Captain A.B. Brackenridge, tug Yuna, 1962


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Many thanks to Fremantle Ports for the chronology of Harbour Masters above.

Many thanks to Alan Pearce and Fremantle Ports for the photos of five recent and present harbour masters.

Thanks to Portfolio, Fremantle Ports Community Newsletter, March 2016, from which the photos at the bottom of the page were taken.

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