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The Colonial Office appointed the first harbourmaster, Captain Mark John Currie, [31 December] 1828. (Statham-Drew 2004: 25) Ewers writes (3) that Commander Currie was appointed by Lt-Governor Stirling during the voyage aboard the Parmelia which arrived 2 June 1829.

Daniel Scott was Deputy Harbourmaster from 1829, resigning in 1851. >

Captain James Harding was harbourmaster in 1865, and in 1867, when he drowned 23 June, off Garden Island. (Hitchcock: 49, 50) Four of his crew were drowned with him, included Peter Dandie. John Tapper was among those attempting a rescue.

Lt-Captain James L. Croke RN was harbourmaster from 1868 into the 1870s. Croke St and Croke Lane (formely Dalgety St) were named for him.

Charles Russell was Chief Harbourmaster 1886-1902.

Captain Charles Irvine was harbourmaster in 1912, following Russell (Battye: 720).

Captain Forrest Hopetown Bland Humble was Harbour Master of Fremantle Harbour in 1953. He was the grandson of George Bland Humble. Wikipedia.

Captain FHB Humble retired 1965 and was replaced by Capt AB Brackenridge.

Captain John (Jack) Adams was Harbour Master 1968-1972. On 15 March 2016 he was 100 years old.


Other recent officers are Michael Coleman 1976-86 and Eric Atkinson 1988-2008.

The current (2008-2016) incumbent is Capt Allan Gray; his deputy is Stuart Davey.

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