Lunch around Freo

Here are some places to have lunch in and around Fremantle and the Swan River nearby. I've given the price for fish and chips if I could find it.


The Kiosk

The change of name from Beach St Cafe mainly meant the prices went up, but the menu is more sophisticated. However, it still includes fish and chips with salad $22.50.

The Left Bank

This was a residence which had been abandoned for many years on Riverside Rd East Fremantle before being refurbished as a tavern. The menu includes beer battered fishnchips @ $26.


There's been a restaurant here, on Riverside Rd East Fremantle, for decades, since 1921. It used to be called The Oyster Beds until 1997, because it actually farmed oysters on site. Among other things it was the Red Herring for a few years.

Zephyr Cafe

This was a burger joint called the Leeuwin Chewin, but was rebuilt, on Riverside Rd East Fremantle. Its new name is deserved: it's exposed to the westerly. The menu includes fishnchips - prices are not shown online.

Swan Yacht Club

Swan Yacht Club

I've never had lunch here, but it appears to welcome non-members. The menu includes Beer Battered Snapper and Chips @ $24. On Riverside Rd East Fremantle, it's just around the corner of Preston Point from the Zephyr Cafe.

Eat Greek

Last time I had lunch here it was the Boardwalk Restaurant (yes, it has a boardwalk). So I can't report on the Greek food - but apparently they do the plate-smashing thing. The menu includes fish and chips $22.

Walter's River Cafe

At Point Walter, this is another humble tearooms that has been booted upmarket by an injection of cash. The menu used to include battered local whiting fillets with fries and salad @ $27 - but I can't find the restaurant online atm. There is a kiosk attached which does fish n chips, icecreams etc. The Spit offers one of Perth's best walks: eighteen minutes right out into the middle of the River - one kilometre.


This is on the north bank of the Swan in Mosman Park about a hundred metres from Peppermint Grove, so it's classy and not cheap. Here are the photos I took last time I had lunch there. It used to be a humble tearooms, but like everything else on the River has been rebuilt. On their menu, cone bay barramundi, creamed celeriac purée, runner beans, pancetta, chicory pesto, pomegranate molasses costs $45.

Matilda Bay Restaurant

On Hackett Drive Crawley, between the University of WA and the Royal Perth Yacht Club, this is an upmarket establishment ('we politely request a smart casual attire with no thongs or singlets') whose menu includes pan-fried snapper fillet, crushed peas, broad beans, mint, fetta, macadamia pesto (gf) @ $45.

JoJo's Cafe

In the Nedlands Baths, JoJo's menu includes fish of the day for $38. The building also houses the functions facility called Acqua Viva.

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