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Fremantle History Society

Fremantle History Society was established 12 October 1994, with Dianne Davidson as President (1994-7), and has a website and Facebook page. The current President is Emeritus Professor Bob Reece.

FHS publishes a journal, Fremantle Studies, every two years. Here is a contents list.

The Society regularly holds a Fremantle Studies Day, which produces papers that are published in the journal.

The website is mostly a WordPress blog. On it (v. October 2014) there is a partial newsletter index 1994-2004, although not the newsletters themselves. (There is one for each season each year.) A run of most of the twenty numbers from 2011 is held in SLWA.

The best physical point of contact for anything to do with the Society is the Fremantle History Centre in the Fremantle Library, in the Town Hall Centre. You can, for example, find there some back numbers of the journal for sale.

References and links

My bibliography, which contains, inter alia, all of the articles in Fremantle Studies, by both author and date.

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