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Fremantle Studies No. 10, 2019

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Barteaux, Jillian 2019, '"Bright breezy bracing South Beach": the history of a seaside playground', Fremantle Studies, 10: 1-17. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2015]

Bizzaca, Kris 2019, 'Exit stage right: looking at the Deckchair Theatre collection', Fremantle Studies, 10: 18-30. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2015]

Campbell, Robin McK. 2019, 'The prehistory of conservation in Fremantle, revisited', Fremantle Studies, 10: 31-44. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2015]

Goodlich, Mary-Ann 2019, , Fremantle Studies, 10: 45-58. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2015]'Houses of Hilton'

Harris, Pam 2019, 'From card catalogue to ebooks', Fremantle Studies, 10: 59-70. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2016]

Lawrence, Carmen 2019, 'Is increasing density a threat to Fremantle's heritage?' Fremantle Studies, 10: 71-80. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2016]

Lipscombe, Andre 2019, 'Revealing the City of Fremantle Art Collection', ' Fremantle Studies, 10: 81-92. [presented Fremantle Studies Day 2016]


This volume was launched 27 October 2019 at the Fremantle Studies Day at the Maritime Union offices, 2-4 Kwong Alley North Fremantle, when the theme was labour history. It contained most of the eight papers from the Fremantle Studies Days of 2015, 2016, leaving those from 2017 and 2018 yet to be published.

Some parts of one presentation have been made available on this site:

Diane Oldman, 'Fremantle's link to the Crimean War', a 2016 presentation.

Other papers published were drawn from these Studies Days papers:


Mary Ann Goodlich, ‘Houses of Hilton’

Jillian Barteaux, ‘Bright, breezy, bracing South Beach: the history of a seaside Playground’

Robin McKellar Campbell, ‘The prehistory of conservation in Fremantle, revisited’

Kristy Bizzaca, ‘Exit stage right: looking at the Deckchair Theatre collection’


Harris, Pam 2019, 'From card catalogue to ebooks'

Carmen Lawrence, 'Is increasing density a threat to Fremantle’s heritage?'

André Lipscombe, 'Revealing the City of Fremantle Art Collection'

... but not these, which may appear in 2021, deo volente:


Bob Reece, 'Cultural organisations in late 19th Century Fremantle'

Sheridan Coleman, 'Fremantle Arts Centre: contemporary programming in a historical site'

Jane Fraser, 'Four decades of Fremantle Press'

Natasha Milosevic Meston, 'The City of Fremantle Symphony Orchestra: a history'


Leigh Straw, 'The suffering begins: returned soldiers, families and the aftermath of World War 1 in Western Australia'

Allen Graham, 'The Fremantle hotel trade during World War 1'

Baden Pratt, 'Hell for leather: North Fremantle Football Club and the Great War'

Michelle McKeough, 'Repatriation: a debt of gratitude'

References and Links

Fremantle Press

City of Fremantle Symphony Orchestra

Crimean War Veterans in Western Australia site

Fremantle Art Collection

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