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Aims and Objectives

To encourage the study and public awareness of Fremantle history
and cultural heritage in all its diversity.
To encourage the research and writing of Fremantle history at a
range of levels.
To promote the recording of oral recollections of people who have
lived and worked in Fremantle.
To disseminate information about Fremantle history in a variety of
forms - public lectures, meetings, newsletters and other
publications, walking tours, exhibitions, etc.
To promote the identification and preservation of historical
evidence in the form of records, documents, photographs and
objects relating to the Fremantle area.
To liaise with other history and heritage groups in the region,
including the Fremantle Society; to encourage networking between
local libraries, museums and schools; and to create links with other
organisations whose broader interests impinge on Fremantle history
and cultural heritage.
To encourage the commemoration of important events in Fremantle
history, the erection of memorials to significant people and events,
and suitable signs and notices at places of historical interest.
To encourage a greater knowledge of Fremantle history in the area’s
schools and other educational and cultural institutions.
To monitor, comment on and provide information on history related
issues in the Fremantle area.
To arrange social gatherings of members and friends to promote the
Society’s work.

(As published in Fremantle Studies, vol. 1, 1999: 114.)

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