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Royal Visits


1869: Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh


1881: Prince George (Edward VII)


1901: Duke & Duchess of Cornwall and York (later King George V and Queen Mary)


1920: David, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII)


1927: Prince Albert (George VI)


1944: Prince Philip (Philip of Greece/Philip Mountbatten)


1954: Queen Elizabeth II. Due to an outbreak of poliomyelitis in Western Australia, the Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, insisted that the royal party sleep on SS Gothic and eat only food prepared on the ship.

Other visits followed later.

On 1 April 1966, just 54 years ago, the Queen of Australia arrived in Fremantle to open the Exhibition Hall, the new council building in King's Square.
Her Majesty had travelled from Government House with an escort of ten police motorcycles in a cavalcade of vehicles led by the Chief Inspector of Police.
Along the way the route was lined in places with schoolchildren, and patients from the Home of Peace, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, the Repatriation General Hospital, and the Salvation Army Eventide Home.
She arrived into a bustling port city with thousands of lumpers, a port whose chief commodity was oil, and which catered for up to 200,000 ship passengers a year.


As she exited her vehicle in King's Square, she was greeted by the legendary Mayor Sir Frederick Samson and his wife Mrs Laurie.
It was a stunning coup to get the Queen to open the council's new King's Square building. (John Dowson, Fremantle Society newsletter 15 April 2020)

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