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Early Days

Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society

Volume 1, 1927-1931

Reminiscences of Perth:
1. Mrs Edward Shenton, Perth, 1830-1840
2. Mrs J. B. Roe, Some Old-Time Memories
3. James Kennedy, Perth in my Boyhood
J. B. Hitchcock, Fremantle, 1829-49
The Battle of Pinjarra, 1834:
1. Mrs E. S. Ilbery, The Passing of the Bibbulmun
2. Mrs J. E. Grose, The Background to the Encounter
3. Dr. J. S. Battye, The Official Records of the Encounter
1. E. Clifton, The Founding of Australind
2. Mrs E. Chase, Early Days at Australind
Mrs E. D. Cowan, Letters of Early Settlers

Guildford and the Swan:
1. Paul Hasluck, Guildford, 1827-1842
2. Canon Alfred Burton, Life on the Swan 85 Years Ago
3. Mrs W. Burges and Miss D. Cowan, Fashions in the ’Thirties
Horace Stirling, The Telegraph in W.A.
Mrs H. K. Maley and Mrs M. Farrelly, The Greenough District
The Rev'd Bro. Bede Lazaro, New Norcia
Dr. J. S. Battye, Perth Street Nomenclature
Mr and Mrs T. H. Ilbery, Adam Lindsay Gordon: His Connection with Western Australia

Mrs E. D. Cowan, Early Social Life and Fashions
North-West History:
1. A. R. Richardson, A Survey
2. J. E. Hammond, The Disaster to the Clarkson Brothers, 1874
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Births, Marriages and Deaths Records of Western Australia, with reference to other states, (Part 1)
Miss V. H. Ferguson, The Late Mrs John Withnell

Paul Hasluck, The First Year in the North-West
Augusta in 1833: From the Diary of Mrs Nancy McDermott
W. G. Pickering, The Letters of Georgina Molloy

P. E. C. de Mouncey, The Historic Duel at Fremantle Between George French Johnson, a Merchant, and William Naime Clark, a Solicitor, in the Year 1832
Paul Hasluck, Early Settlers on the Murray
W. C. Thomas, Outlines of the Timber Industry in W.A.

Mrs T. Pelloe, The York Road
Canon Alfred Burton, The Diary of Joseph Hardey
C. H. Stone, The Diary of Alfred Hawes Stone

Mrs E. D. Cowan, Bishop Hale and Secondary Education
The Baxter Memorial
F. I. Bray, The Hentys at Swan River
Canon Alfred Burton, The Diary of Anne Whatley
C. H. Counsel, Pioneering the Gold Trail in the Kimberley and the North-West
H. P. Woodward, The Discovery of the Yilgarn
J. Stoddart, The Early Days of Coolgardie: Being the Short Experience of an Amateur Prospector
F. I. Bray, Prospectors’ Rewards

E. C. Clifton, Music and the Stage in the Early Days, (Part 1)
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Births, Marriages and Deaths Records of Western Australia, Part 2
J. M. McDermott, The Turners at Augusta, 1830-1850
The Whaling Tunnel, Fremantle
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Whaling in the Early Days
Miss D. C. Cowan, Woodbridge; The Building of Woodbridge
Paul Hasluck and F. I. Bray, Early Mills of Perth
F. I. Bray, New Light on the Johnson-Clark Duel
Membership, 1930

Canon Alfred Burton, An Archdeacon on Tour, 1851
E. C. Clifton, Music and the Stage in the Early Days, Part 2
Paul Hasluck, Farming in the Forties: The Burges Journals
Miss K. Caldwell, Fremantle Street Names
J. E. Hammond, The Builders of Perth
The Reminiscences of Mr Fred H. Moore
Mrs E. Chester, Early Days in Albany

The Diary of Mary Ann Friend
Miss D. C. Cowan, The Voyage of the Warrior, 1829
Canon Alfred Burton, George Leake at Sea, 1829
Paul Hasluck, The Voyage of the Ivy, 1871
Mrs J. Cowan, Some Pioneer Women
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Historical Notes:
1. Governor Stirling’s Family
2. A Glimpse of Perth in 1829
3. The Round House, Fremantle
4. A Reference to the Early Newspapers of Western Australia
Chipper’s Leap
Reveley’s Mill
Membership, 1931

Plaque commemorating John Baxter
Locations on the Swan River, 1830 (map)
James Woodward Turner
J. W. Turner’s House at Augusta, ca. 1845
A View of Augusta, ca. 1835
The First settlement at Augusta (map)
W. K. Shenton’s proposed windmill (plan)
Reveley’s property in Perth (plan)
Perth in 1838, showing mill sites (map)

Volume 2, 1932-1936

Vol. 2 Part 11 1932
T.G. Heydon, The early Church in Western Australia
J.E. Hammond, The Perth water front
W.L. Owen, Some experiences of an early Goldfields warden in Western Australia
J.M. Drew, Early Northampton - an undenominational Church

Vol. 2 Part 12 1932
Mary G. Durack, An outline of North Australian history - from Cambridge Gulf to the Victoria River , 1818-1887
Malcolm Uren, Coasters in the earlies
Rodney Downey, Some early legal cases in Western Australia
K.M. Wood, A pioneer Pearler - reminiscences of John Wood
The late Mrs Edith Cowan, O.B.E.

Vol. 2 Part 13 1933
The Rev'd C.A. Jenkins, Early years of the Methodist Church in Western Australia
G.P. Stevens, The east-west telegraph,1875-7
Paul Hasluck, Glimpses of early Perth and Fremantle, 1829-1839
Descripton of Perth : contained in a Letter written by Archibald Sands, Esq. to his son in Melbourne, in 1859
Reminiscences of Hannah Properjohn

Vol. 2 Part 14 1933
P.M. Durack, Pioneering the East Kimberleys
Dr. Cyril Bryan, The earliest medical History of Australia
Alma Jephson, Mrs John Locke of Australind

Vol. 2 Part 15 1934
The Rev'd P.U. Henn, French Exploration on the Western Australian Coast
Paul Hasluck, Travels in Western Australia , 1870-74 - Extracts from the
journal of Thomas Scott
H.E.B. Gull, Gold at Guildford

Vol. 2 Part 16 1934
The Rev'd H.R. Trenaman, Port Gregory and Lynton
Kate Caldwell, The voyage of Francois Alesne de Saint Allouarn, 1771-72
D.C. Cowan, Notes on the early days of Rottnest
The Rev'd Canon A. Burton, 'Beginnings'

Vol. 2 Part 17 1935
Alfred Carson, The Perth Boy's School
The Rev'd C. A. Burton, Notes on three archdeacons - Thomas Hobbes Scott, John
Ramsden Wollaston, Matthew Blagden Hale
Katherine E. Shenton, The military ladies of Western Australia
The Rev'd P.U. Henn, The Tryal Rocks

Vol. 2 Part 18 1935
Dr. Cyril Bryan and F.I. Bray, Peter Nicholas Brown (1797-1846): First Colonial Secretary
of Western Australia (1829-1846)

Vol. 2 Part 19 1936
Robert Stephens, Major Edmund Lockyer
A.O. Neville, Relations between settlers and aborigines in Western Australia
S.F. Cusack, Horse racing in Western Australia

Vol. 2 Part 20 1936
F. I. Bray, George Clifton, 1829-1913
G.P. Stevens, Inauguration of the electric telegraph in Western Australia, 1869
W.L. Owen, The building of Jarman Island Lighthouse, 1888

Volume 3, 1938-1948

Vol. 3 Part 1 1938
Arthur Hicks, The Kimberleys explored - Forrest Expedition of 1879
Cape inscription: Dirk Hartog's visit
The voyage out
Mrs. T. Norrish & J.F. Hillman, Old Ettakup - early days on the Great Southern
including The life of Thomas Norrish and The Memories of Mrs Thomas Norrish
Dampier Memorial
Mrs W.G. Eastcott, Pioneers of Wagerup - building a South-West home
Round House Fremantle
Australind Memorial
Norman Bartlett, George Vancouver - charting the South Coast
Dircksey Cowan, Eastward From York - Lefroy Expedition of 1863
G.P. Stevens, Tragedy on the Nullarbor Plain
Alfred Carson, Henry Clay - A Western Australian Poet
A farmer of 1832

Vol. 3 Part 2 1939
John Masefield, The benevolent buccaneer - Dampier on our coasts
Alfred Carson, The Champion Bay country - historical highlights and personal reflections
Seventeenth century WA - how a Dutchman viewed it
E. Burgess, The Settlement at Australind
W. E. Bold, Perth - the First 100 Years - the story of the municipal development of our city
W.T. Fyfe, Surveying the rabbit proof fence - outline of explorations and surveys by the late Mr A. W. Canning
Lonely graves survey
C. Treadgold, Bushrangers in Western Australia: Incidents of '67
C. Burton, Francis Lochee - a versatile pioneer
Vlamingh's plate - query from Melbourne
G.P. Stevens, The Rev. Edwin Foley Parker

Vol. 3 Part 3 1941
The year in retrospect
C.J.W. Aspland, An unsolved mystery - the disposal of Baxter's bones
Sir John Kirwan, Early Goldfields Days - the discovery of gold at Coolgardie
C. Treadgold, The Greenough flood - a disaster of the eighties
P.U. Henn, The diary of Louisa Clifton - some unique impressions
Marshall Waller Clifton, Colonial gardens in Perth - a legislator's exhortation
Herzel W. Baker, Australian defence, and war continuing abroad
Alfred Carson, Imperial relations with Western Australia
Death of Mr. G.P. Stevens

Vol. 3 Part 4 1942
The year in retrospect
Sir John Kirwan, Gold discoveries of Kalgoorlie and the Golden Mile
Jane Adam, Memories of Adelaide Terrace
P.U. Henn, Memoirs of Henry Maxwell Lefroy, 1818-1879
H.W. Baker, The early days of Mahogany Creek
Cyril Bryan, 'Two little maids'
F.W. Bateson, The story of the Canning Stock Route
C.M. Harris, The Eastern Goldfields early explorers, 1863-1866 (H.M. Lefroy - C.C. Hunt)
F.J.S. Wise, Western Australian explorations

Vol. 3 Part 5 1943
Jubilee of Hannan's Gold Find: Settlers' difficulties, problems and dangers
The late Mrs. Mary Farrelly
Sir John Kirwan, Early days of the Legislative Council
A. Burton, Convicts in Western Australia
Centenary of the Roman Catholic Church
Jane E. Adam, Old St. Georges Terrace
M.E. Wood, First contacts made with Western Australian natives
Robert StephensHistory of the origin of the town of Albany and its street names
C.M. Harris, Early history of Eastern Goldfields (from the records of Greaves and Risely)
A Department of Archives: An urgent need

Vol. 3 Part 6 1945 (Feb)
Dirksey C. Cowan, The Introduction of Merino and Other Sheep to the Swan River Settlement
Kate Caldwell, The reminiscences of Mrs. Annie Morrison (1853-1942)
F. W. Bateson, The first Inter-School Rowing Race
A. Burton, The diary of O.P . Stables (1880-1889)
C.M. Harris, Pioneer women of the Goldfields
Norman Sligo, A christmas box 'for the Missus and the kids'
A. Burton, Migration to Western Australia (From a thesis of Dr. Merab Harris)
F.W. Bateson, Memories of Perth (1886-1893)
W.W. Abbett, Early history of the Perth Road Board
A. Burton, The diary of Anne Whatley

Vol. 3 Part 7 1945 (Dec)
A.H. Telfer (for S.H. Taylor)Western Australia 's historical nuggets
W.L. Owen, Pilbara Gold Mines and others
C. Murray, Sir James George Lee Steere
Robert Stephens, The first growth of potatoes in Western Australia
R.L. MacKay, Early pastoralists in North-West Western Australia
C.M. Harris, The Margaret and the Murchison Fields
K. Caldwell, J. S. W. Parker and the Town of Dangin
J. Lawrence, Perth-Adelaide Telegraph Link, 1877

Vol. 3 Part 8 1946
Sir John Kirwan, The first Commonwealth Parliament
W.E. Bold, Looking backward
J.C. Peterkin, The finding of the Murchison Goldfields
M.G. Cammilleri, Fairlawn
Reminiscences of Mrs. K. Clifton
Dr. R.C. Fairbairn, Diary of Mary Bussell's Voyage in the "James Pattison"
F.W. Bateson, Murchison - 1894
Larry Cammilleri and the Brown Hill Mine

Vol. 3 Part 9 1947
Sir John Forrest (from Sydney Mail, 2 October 1912)
John K. Ewers, Governor Kennedy and the Board of Education
C.M. Harris, Water tragedy and triumph on the Western Australian Goldfields
Dom William, Bishop Salvado's work
Christopher W. Coppin, A North-West tragedy: the big blow of 1887
E.S. Whiteley, The birth and progress of insurance
G. Spencer Compton, Telluride discovery: early history of Kalgoorlie find

Vol. 3 Part 10 1948
J.E. Deacon, Captain Richard Goldsmith Meares and his times
Mrs C.C. Richards, Memories of a Goldfields mother
Gus Luck, Hon. David Wynford Carnegie
Rhodes W. Fairbridge, Some experiments in child migration
F.I. Bray, Murchison Goldfield discovery
A.C. Staples, Outline of history of settlement in Harvey District
Athole Stewart, Western Sussex
A.C. Angelo, Kimberleys and North-West Goldfields

Volume 4, 1949-1954

Vol. 4 Part 1 1949
Sir John Kirwan, The story of a Goldfields newspaper
Old Colonists' birthday scheme
Major E.M. Whittell, The visits of John Gilbert, naturalist, to Swan River Colony
K.O. Murray, From oar to diesel on the Swan (Part I & II)

Vol. 4 Part 2 1950
Sir John Kirwan, How Western Australia joined the Commonwealth
An appreciation of Mr. F.I. Bray
Robert Stephens, A sweet spot in an old Colonial Garden: the historical background of the site of the University of Western Australia
H.H. Wilson and A.S. Hill, "Weeloona - place of winds”
Clara Paton, Early days of Coolgardie
I.M. Spencer & C. Cammilleri, The memories of Mrs. Phoebe Christie
L. Glauert, Provisional list of aboriginal place names and their meanings
An interesting letter (Anne Leake to Miss Sykes, 3 Jan. 1830

Vol. 4 Part 4 1952
John Bastin, The separation for Federation Movement - a reply to the late Sir John Kirwan
Miss D.C. Cowan - an appreciation
A.H. Chate, An account of the Cowcher Family: A pioneer family of our State
J.E. Deacon, Early years in Manjimup, Part 2
Leschenaultia Memorial
Williamina M. Ross, Votes for women in Western Australia
F. Devitt, I.O.U. and Bulong
Mrs Paul Hasluck [Alexandra Hasluck], The two Dawson families of Augusta and Busselton
G. Spencer Compton, The history of Norseman
Anne E. Murray-Gordon, Pioneering days in the Eastern Wheatbelt

Vol. 4 Part 3 1951
Sir Hal Colebatch, The Federation Campaign
In memoriam - Sir James Mitchell
Enid M. Russell, Early lawyers of Western Australia
John E. Deacon, Pioneering in the South-West - the story of Manjimup, Part 1
The Lee Steere Award for Western Australian history
R. Stevens, Builders of Albany: George McCartney Cheyne
A.W. Stewart, The Post Office in the early days

Vol. 4 Part 5 1953
A.W. Stewart, Postal services on the Eastern Goldfields
A.H. Chate, The Williams
D. Mossenson, Separation Movement the Eastern Goldfields 1894-1904
G.G. Smith, Pioneer botanists of Western Australia
Rhoda Glover, Captain Symers at Albany
Dr. F.K. Crowley, Master and servant in Western Australia 1829-1851

Vol. 4 Part 6 1954
A.E. Crocker, The Early History of Balladonia
Dr. F.K. Crowley, Master and servant in Western Australia 1851-1901
Katanning memorial to Pioneer Women
In Memoriam - Mrs. C.M. Eggleston
Harriett and Mary Ann King: pioneer women
M.L. Auld, Fairfield and its founder: William Henry Graham
An early diarist, The Rev. John Ramsden Wollaston, M.A.
The origins of the Eastern Goldfields Water Scheme in Western Australia

Volume 5, 1955-1961

PART 1, 1955
Trevor Tuckfield, William Dampier - Where Did He Land?
A.C. Staples, The Prinsep Estate in Western Australia
Conference of Country Branches
A.C. Staples, Henry Charles Prinsep
In Memoriam - Miss K. Caldwell
Roy Mills, Boorara, 1895-1907
Roe Memorial
C.A. Glew, Waterfall (Golden Ridge)
Captain Owen, The Post Office in Western Australia During the First Fifty Years
Historical Exhibition

PART 2, 1956
H. Drake-Brockman, The Reports of Francisco Pelsaert
Dr. F.K. Crowley, Problems in Local and Regional History
G. Spencer Compton, Yilgarn and Coolgardie Railways
G. Spencer Compton, The Railway Came to Coolgardie
W.V. Fyfe, Exploration Surveys and Mapping in Western Australia in Recent Years
Margaret McAleer, Some Aspects of the Development of the Northern Wheat Belt

PART 3, 1957
Alexandra Hasluck, Lady Broome
The Visits of the Yacht Grootenbroeck to the Coast of the South-land in 1631
James H. Turner, Two Decades of Primary Production 1919-1939

PART 4, 1958
G. Spencer Compton, The Beginnings of Boulder, 6th August 1897
G. Spencer Compton, Personalities of Boulder
Dr. B.C. Cohen, Five Generations of Doctors Over 150 Years: The History of the Kelsalls
Robert Stephens, Builders of Albany: Alexander Moir, Merchant and Pastoralist
J.N. Rolfs, The Development of Church of England Schools in Western Australia: 1858-1958

PART 5, 1959
P.E. Playford, The Wreck of the Zuytdorp on the Western Australian Coast in 1712
R.E. Cranfield, The Lefroys at Walebing
Robert Stephens, Mingenew Story
Visible Memorials
Jean Lang, The Early Years of the Kalgoorlie Hospital

PART 6, 1960
Mrs. S. Dean Williams, Pioneering in the Goomalling District
Dom William O.S.B., Birth of the Catholic Church at Dardanup (Albany, Bunbury and the Vasse), with Topics of Colonial Interest
John Oldham and Ray Oldham, The Three Periods of Western Australia’s Colonial Architecture, Parts I and II

PART 7, 1961
A.E. Williams, History of the Teachers’ Union of Western Australia
Alexandra Hasluck, Yagan the Patriot, and Some Notable Aborigines of the First Decade of Settlement
Colonel Geo. F. Wieck, The Volunteer Movement in Western Australia
Robert Stephens, Nakina, Mokare, Waiter - Three Black Brothers of the King George's Sound Tribe of Aborigines
A.C. Staples, The First Ten Years in the Swan River Colony (Some Old Errors Corrected)
Report on Bolgart Branch Activities for 1959, 1960

PART 8, 1961
J.H.M. Honniball, The Tuckeys of Mandurah
James H. Turner, Where Was Abram Leeman' s Island?
Dom William O.S.B., A Survey of the Correspondence Between Bishop Salvado and John Forrest

Maps of the wreck-site of the Zuytdorp
Map of the shipping route from Holland to the East Indies
The Zuytdorp wreck-site and a gully nearby
Types of coins found at the wreck-site
Console from the stern of the Zuytdorp
Model of the sister ships Padmos and Blydorp
Map of the various native tribal districts near Perth
Map of the coastline from Jurien Bay to Swan River

Volume 6, 1962-1969

W.H. Anderson, Uncovering the Murchison
Robert Stephens, Possessory Lien—the First European Settlement, King George’s Sound, New Holland (1826-1831)
R.R.B. Ackland, A History of Wongan Hills
G.J. Kelly, A History of Mining in the Geraldton District

Ray Oldham, The Reminiscences of William Wade
L.R. Marchant, William Dampier: Source Materials for his Somerset Years 1651-1674
G. Spencer Compton, Block 45: First Lease of Golden Mile—Registered 4th July, 1893: Seventy Years Ago
Robert Stephens, Thomas Brooker Sherratt: Albany Merchant, Bay-Whaler, Ship-owner and Self-Appointed Builder and Lay Reader of Albany's Octagon Church
Australia Day at Albany

J.H.M. Honniball, The Church on the Goldfields: Pioneers of the Nineties
Cara Cammilleri, Memoirs of a Kimberley Prospector: F. W. P. Cammilleri 1886-1889
I. D. Heppingstone, The Story of Alfred and Ellen Bussell: Pioneers of the Margaret River
Rica Erickson, Early Days at Bolgart
Marcus Conrad, The Foundation of British Rule in the West: H.M.C.S. Amity and H.M.S. Success

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Incorp.): The Society's 40th Birthday
The Rev'd. Fr. Martin Newbold, Thomas Braidwood Wilson: Surgeon-Explorer-Farmer
Bryan Gandevia, Medicine and the History of the Community
Cara Cammilleri, Anthony Curtis: Merchant and Trader, 1830-1853
A. C. Staples, Marshall Waller Clifton
Mildred Manning, Life of Ernest Albert Le Souef, V.D., B.V.Sc., F.R.Z.S., J.P.

Mother Mary Albertus, The Irwin Story
Henrietta Drake-Brockman, The 350th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog's Landing on the Western Australian Coast: A Speech Delivered at Stirling House on 30/1/66
I.D. Heppingstone, Bay Whaling in Western Australia
Group-Captain Norman Brearley, Pioneering Development of Civil Aviation in Australia
Cara Cammilleri, Experiences on the North-West Goldfields, 1889-92: Second Portion of F.W.P. Cammilleri’s Reminiscences
Sheila McClemans, Archibald Paull Burt: First Chief Justice of Western Australia

A Milestone (Commemoration of the Foundation of Perth)
Alexandra Hasluck, Murder on the Old Coast Road
Robert Stephens, John Wellstead the Elder, Pioneer Settler at Bremer Bay
Frank Larter, A Migrant of 1912: Recollections of England and Australia
E.S. Whiteley, H.M.S. Sulphur
Mother Mary Albertus, Some Personalities and Places of the Irwin District
Bonnie Hicks, Sir Alexander and Sir Thomas Cockburn-Campbell
The Australian Dictionary of Biography: Contributions by Members of the Society

Volume 7, 1969-

Vol. 7 Part 1 1969
Cara Cammilleri, Experiences on the Eastern Goldfields and mining Areas in South West Australia: Third Portion of F.W.P. Cammilleri's Reminiscences, 1892-1929
Phillip E. Playford and Isobel Pridmore, The Reverend C.G. Nicolay: a pioneer geographer, geologist and museum curator in Western Australia
I.D. Heppingstone, American whalers in Western Australian waters
Rose Watson, The Allnutts of Australind, Bridgetown and Augusta
The Rev'd. William McNair, A second look at the early years of methodism in Western Australia 1830-1855
Rica Erickson, Catherine Gavin's Story, 1839-1923: an Irish exile at Solomon's Well on the Old Plains Road
Dora Bulbeck, The P.&O. Company's establishment at King George's Sound, 1850-1880

Vol. 7 Part 2 1970
Cara Cammilleri, Reminiscences of F.W.P. Cammilleri: from apprentice to Second Mate: seafaring in the Merchant Service, 1878-1885
John A. Thomson, The Muir family: settlers in the Albany-Mt. Barker-Manjimup districts of the South West of W.A. - from 1844
Ivor T. Birtwistle, Royal W.A. Historical Society: recollections of its first decade (1926-1936)
The Rev'd E.W. Doncaster, The diocese of North West Australia

Vol. 7 Part 3 1971

Rica Erickson, T. N. Yule, Esq.: a gentleman of misfortune
W.H. Lamond, Five years in the Kimberley
Cara Cammilleri, Walter Padbury (1820-1907): pioneer pastoralist, merchant and philanthropist
Trevor Tuckfield, Early colonial taverns and inns (Part 1)
J.H.M. Honniball, The country tours of a colonial secretary
Colonial secretaries of Western Australia

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