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Early Days

Volume 8, 1977-1982

Vol. 8 Part 1 1977
cover The Society's Coat of Arms & verso
Sir Paul Hasluck, The founding of the Society: some personal reminiscences
A.C. Staples, The Prinsep dynasty, Part 1
Verna Glossop, The Properjohn family of Bunbury
T.W. Doyle, Bullock teams and their drovers in the South West
Sir Paul Hasluck, The early years of John Forrest
List of sovereigns, governors, administrators

Vol. 8 Part 2 1978
cover Houghton Homestead & verso
John A. McKenzie, An exile in Marble Bar: the diary of a Telegraph Lineman, 1919-20
P.H. Armstrong, The Aboriginal practice of firing the bush: the evidence of early newspapers
Neven Smoje, Shipwrecked on the North West Coast : the ordeal of the survivors of the Stefano
I.D. Heppingstone, Pioneer droving in the North West
Prue Joske, Lady Hackett's household guide
Louise Hoffman, A review of the Jewish press in Western Australia

Vol. 8 Part 3 1979
cover The Coat of Arms of Western Australia & verso
Rica Erickson, Those fabled firsts of the Swan River Colony
Paul Buddee, In search of authenticity
Mollie Bentley, The murder of Constable Patrick Hackett
John A. McKenzie, Wise man from the east: the educational career of Senior Inspector Miles
Christina Jeffery, Eucla

Vol. 8 Part 4 1980
Ray Oldham, cover The Barracks arch & verso
G.C. Bolton & Howard Pedersen, The Emanuels of Noonkanbah and Go Go
E. Braid, Explorer surveyors' classification work
W.J. Peasley, From de Grey to the overland telegraph line: the Forrest expedition of 1879
J.H.M. Honniball, Our first royal visitor: Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh
Ruth Marchant James, The Presentation Sisters: unsung pioneers of education
David Hutchison, William Ernest Cooke, first government astronomer
C.H. Charlesworth, The origins of banking in England and Australia

Vol. 8 Part 5 1981
cover Bulk handling of grain in Western Australia: 50th anniversary
The Revd Bro. S.B. Keane, Pietro G. Porcelli, sculptor, 1872-1943
J. Gentilli, C. Stransky & C. Iraci, A review of the first century of Italian migration to Western Australia
F.J.A. Broeze, Western Australia until 1869: The maritime perspective, Part 1
Michael Nind, Sails and oars on the Swan, 1829 to 1849
Ann T. Whyntie, Sunset Hospital : its history and function
David Adams, 'Superior' boys schools in a pioneering community: the Swan River Settlement, 1829 to 1855
List of Affiliated Societies
List of members of the Society, 1981
J.G. Paterson, Book publishing in Western Australia

Vol. 8 Part 6 1982
Arthur E. Hartley, A teacher's role on a group settlement
Fred Cunningham, Memories of old East Perth
J.H.M. Honniball, The golden age of cinema in Perth
C.W.M. Cameron, R.E. Bush, Gascoyne explorer and pastoralist
Jenny Mills, Fifty years in business in Western Australia - Robert Bunning: A profile
G.G. Smith, Pioneer seashore botanists in Western Australia
F. J. A. Broeze, Western Australia until 1869: the maritime perspective, Part 2

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