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Early Days

Volume 7, 1969-1976

Vol. 7 Part 1 1969
Cara Cammilleri, Experiences on the Eastern Goldfields and mining Areas in South West Australia: Third Portion of F.W.P. Cammilleri's Reminiscences, 1892-1929
Phillip E. Playford and Isobel Pridmore, The Reverend C.G. Nicolay: a pioneer geographer, geologist and museum curator in Western Australia
I.D. Heppingstone, American whalers in Western Australian waters
Rose Watson, The Allnutts of Australind, Bridgetown and Augusta
The Rev'd. William McNair, A second look at the early years of methodism in Western Australia 1830-1855
Rica Erickson, Catherine Gavin's Story, 1839-1923: an Irish exile at Solomon's Well on the Old Plains Road
Dora Bulbeck, The P.&O. Company's establishment at King George's Sound, 1850-1880

Vol. 7 Part 2 1970
Cara Cammilleri, Reminiscences of F.W.P. Cammilleri: from apprentice to Second Mate: seafaring in the Merchant Service, 1878-1885
John A. Thomson, The Muir family: settlers in the Albany-Mt. Barker-Manjimup districts of the South West of W.A. - from 1844
Ivor T. Birtwistle, Royal W.A. Historical Society: recollections of its first decade (1926-1936)
The Rev'd E.W. Doncaster, The diocese of North West Australia

Vol. 7 Part 3 1971
Rica Erickson, T. N. Yule, Esq.: a gentleman of misfortune
W.H. Lamond, Five years in the Kimberley
Cara Cammilleri, Walter Padbury (1820-1907): pioneer pastoralist, merchant and philanthropist
Trevor Tuckfield, Early colonial taverns and inns (Part 1)
J.H.M. Honniball, The country tours of a colonial secretary
Colonial secretaries of Western Australia

Vol. 7 Part 4 1972
Ian D. Heppingstone and H. Margaret Wilson, 'Mrs John: the letters of Charlotte Bussell of Cattle Chosen, Part 1
B.K. de Garis, Some reflections on the problems involved in writing a history of the Australian Federation Movement
V.G. Fall, Cargoes of jarrah
W.R. Mills Local government of the Eastern Goldfields, 1894-1971
Eva Braid, Charles Fitzgerald Fraser of Dowerin and Esperance

Vol. 7 Part 5 1973

Rose Watson, James Woodward Turner of Augusta
Ian D. Heppingstone and H. Margaret Wilson, 'Mrs John': the letters of Charlotte Bussell of Cattle Chosen, Part 2
S.G. Demasson, Who owned Swan Location 61?
W. V. Fyfe, Travels in remote areas of Western Australia
I.D. Heppingstone, Whaling in Cockburn Sound and thereabouts

Vol. 7 Part 6 1974
Inside cover: The Water-wheel at 'Cheriton', Gingin
Rica Erickson, Jane Adams of Mangowine
The Rev'd Fr Martin Newbold, The Sisters of Mercy: first teaching Sisters in Australia
Ray Oldham, The Brooks family of Balbinia Station, Part 1
E.J.P. Joske, Captain Graham: colonist and coroner of Fremantle
Robert Bevacqua, Archaeological survey of sites relating to the Batavia shipwreck
J.G. Paterson, Book publishing in Western Australia

Vol. 7 Part 7 1975
cover & verso: The Old Government Offices
J.H.M. Honniball, E.H. Laurence, Stipendiary Magistrate, Part 1
Ray Oldham, The Brooks family of Balbinia Station, Part 2
A.S. Ellis, Montgomery of Claremont : The first fifteen years
Kathleen D. Napier, New Holland in Europe
The Rev'd E.W. Doncaster, Henry Wood Simpson
Eva Braid, John Septimus Roe: first explorer of the wheatlands; the search for an inland sea
Trevor Tuckfield, Early colonial taverns and hotels (Part 2)
C.W. Cameron, The beginnings of pastoral activity east of and based on Champion Bay

Vol. 7 Part 8 1976
cover & verso: Royal visit to the Amity
Royal Albany
J.H.M. Honniball, E.H. Laurence, Stipendiary Magistrate, Part 2
John White, Henry Reveley, architect and engineer
Dr D.P. Leinster-Mackay, On the un-English character of Western Australian independent schools, 1846-1976
Peter Cowan, Edith Cowan
J.H.M. Honniball, The experiences of a migrant of 1875: the letters of Robert Lind
Dr C.T. Stannage, Uncovering poverty in Australian history
inside back cover: Articles in Early Days relating to Albany

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