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Early Days

Volume 6, 1962-1969

W.H. Anderson, Uncovering the Murchison
Robert Stephens, Possessory Lien—the First European Settlement, King George’s Sound, New Holland (1826-1831)
R.R.B. Ackland, A History of Wongan Hills
G.J. Kelly, A History of Mining in the Geraldton District
Ray Oldham, The Reminiscences of William Wade
L.R. Marchant, William Dampier: Source Materials for his Somerset Years 1651-1674
G. Spencer Compton, Block 45: First Lease of Golden Mile—Registered 4th July, 1893: Seventy Years Ago
Robert Stephens, Thomas Brooker Sherratt: Albany Merchant, Bay-Whaler, Ship-owner and Self-Appointed Builder and Lay Reader of Albany's Octagon Church
Australia Day at Albany
J.H.M. Honniball, The Church on the Goldfields: Pioneers of the Nineties
Cara Cammilleri, Memoirs of a Kimberley Prospector: F. W. P. Cammilleri 1886-1889
I. D. Heppingstone, 'The Story of Alfred and Ellen Bussell: Pioneers of the Margaret River': 33-45.
Rica Erickson, Early Days at Bolgart
Marcus Conrad, The Foundation of British Rule in the West: H.M.C.S. Amity and H.M.S. Success
The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Incorp.): The Society's 40th Birthday
The Rev'd. Fr. Martin Newbold, Thomas Braidwood Wilson: Surgeon-Explorer-Farmer
Bryan Gandevia, Medicine and the History of the Community
Cara Cammilleri, Anthony Curtis: Merchant and Trader, 1830-1853
A. C. Staples, Marshall Waller Clifton
Mildred Manning, Life of Ernest Albert Le Souef, V.D., B.V.Sc., F.R.Z.S., J.P.
Mother Mary Albertus, The Irwin Story
Henrietta Drake-Brockman, The 350th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog's Landing on the Western Australian Coast: A Speech Delivered at Stirling House on 30/1/66
I.D. Heppingstone, Bay Whaling in Western Australia
Group-Captain Norman Brearley, Pioneering Development of Civil Aviation in Australia
Cara Cammilleri, Experiences on the North-West Goldfields, 1889-92: Second Portion of F.W.P. Cammilleri’s Reminiscences
Sheila McClemans, Archibald Paull Burt: First Chief Justice of Western Australia
A Milestone (Commemoration of the Foundation of Perth)
Alexandra Hasluck, Murder on the Old Coast Road
Robert Stephens, John Wellstead the Elder, Pioneer Settler at Bremer Bay
Frank Larter, A Migrant of 1912: Recollections of England and Australia
E.S. Whiteley, H.M.S. Sulphur
Mother Mary Albertus, Some Personalities and Places of the Irwin District
Bonnie Hicks, Sir Alexander and Sir Thomas Cockburn-Campbell
The Australian Dictionary of Biography: Contributions by Members of the Society

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