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Early Days

Volume 5, 1955-1961

PART 1, 1955
Trevor Tuckfield, William Dampier - Where Did He Land?
A.C. Staples, The Prinsep Estate in Western Australia
Conference of Country Branches
A.C. Staples, Henry Charles Prinsep
In Memoriam - Miss K. Caldwell
Roy Mills, Boorara, 1895-1907
Roe Memorial
C.A. Glew, Waterfall (Golden Ridge)
Captain Owen, The Post Office in Western Australia During the First Fifty Years
Historical Exhibition
PART 2, 1956
H. Drake-Brockman, The Reports of Francisco Pelsaert
Dr. F.K. Crowley, Problems in Local and Regional History
G. Spencer Compton, Yilgarn and Coolgardie Railways
G. Spencer Compton, The Railway Came to Coolgardie
W.V. Fyfe, Exploration Surveys and Mapping in Western Australia in Recent Years
Margaret McAleer, Some Aspects of the Development of the Northern Wheat Belt
PART 3, 1957
Alexandra Hasluck, Lady Broome
The Visits of the Yacht Grootenbroeck to the Coast of the South-land in 1631
James H. Turner, Two Decades of Primary Production 1919-1939
PART 4, 1958
G. Spencer Compton, The Beginnings of Boulder, 6th August 1897
G. Spencer Compton, Personalities of Boulder
Dr. B.C. Cohen, Five Generations of Doctors Over 150 Years: The History of the Kelsalls
Robert Stephens, Builders of Albany: Alexander Moir, Merchant and Pastoralist
J.N. Rolfs, The Development of Church of England Schools in Western Australia: 1858-1958
PART 5, 1959
P.E. Playford, The Wreck of the Zuytdorp on the Western Australian Coast in 1712
R.E. Cranfield, The Lefroys at Walebing
Robert Stephens, Mingenew Story
Visible Memorials
Jean Lang, The Early Years of the Kalgoorlie Hospital
PART 6, 1960
Mrs. S. Dean Williams, Pioneering in the Goomalling District
Dom William O.S.B., Birth of the Catholic Church at Dardanup (Albany, Bunbury and the Vasse), with Topics of Colonial Interest
John Oldham and Ray Oldham, The Three Periods of Western Australia’s Colonial Architecture, Parts I and II
PART 7, 1961
A.E. Williams, History of the Teachers’ Union of Western Australia
Alexandra Hasluck, Yagan the Patriot, and Some Notable Aborigines of the First Decade of SettlementColonel Geo. F. Wieck, The Volunteer Movement in Western Australia
Robert Stephens, Nakina, Mokare, Waiter - Three Black Brothers of the King George's Sound Tribe of Aborigines
A.C. Staples, The First Ten Years in the Swan River Colony (Some Old Errors Corrected)
Report on Bolgart Branch Activities for 1959, 1960
PART 8, 1961
J.H.M. Honniball, The Tuckeys of Mandurah
James H. Turner, Where Was Abram Leeman' s Island?
Dom William O.S.B., A Survey of the Correspondence Between Bishop Salvado and John Forrest
Maps of the wreck-site of the Zuytdorp
Map of the shipping route from Holland to the East Indies
The Zuytdorp wreck-site and a gully nearby
Types of coins found at the wreck-site
Console from the stern of the Zuytdorp
Model of the sister ships Padmos and Blydorp
Map of the various native tribal districts near Perth
Map of the coastline from Jurien Bay to Swan River

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