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Early Days

Volume 3, 1938-1948

Vol. 3 Part 1 1938
Arthur Hicks, The Kimberleys explored - Forrest Expedition of 1879
Cape inscription: Dirk Hartog's visit
The voyage out
Mrs. T. Norrish & J.F. Hillman, Old Ettakup - early days on the Great Southern
including The life of Thomas Norrish and The Memories of Mrs Thomas Norrish
Dampier Memorial
Mrs W.G. Eastcott, Pioneers of Wagerup - building a South-West home
Round House Fremantle
Australind Memorial
Norman Bartlett, George Vancouver - charting the South Coast
Dircksey Cowan, Eastward From York - Lefroy Expedition of 1863
G.P. Stevens, Tragedy on the Nullarbor Plain
Alfred Carson, Henry Clay - A Western Australian Poet
A farmer of 1832

Vol. 3 Part 2 1939
John Masefield, The benevolent buccaneer - Dampier on our coasts
Alfred Carson, The Champion Bay country - historical highlights and personal reflections
Seventeenth century WA - how a Dutchman viewed it
E. Burgess, The Settlement at Australind
W. E. Bold, Perth - the First 100 Years - the story of the municipal development of our city
W.T. Fyfe, Surveying the rabbit proof fence - outline of explorations and surveys by the late Mr A. W. Canning
Lonely graves survey
C. Treadgold, Bushrangers in Western Australia: Incidents of '67
C. Burton, Francis Lochee - a versatile pioneer
Vlamingh's plate - query from Melbourne
G.P. Stevens, The Rev. Edwin Foley Parker

Vol. 3 Part 3 1941
The year in retrospect
C.J.W. Aspland, An unsolved mystery - the disposal of Baxter's bones
Sir John Kirwan, Early Goldfields Days - the discovery of gold at Coolgardie
C. Treadgold, The Greenough flood - a disaster of the eighties
P.U. Henn, The diary of Louisa Clifton - some unique impressions
Marshall Waller Clifton, Colonial gardens in Perth - a legislator's exhortation
Herzel W. Baker, Australian defence, and war continuing abroad
Alfred Carson, Imperial relations with Western Australia
Death of Mr. G.P. Stevens

Vol. 3 Part 4 1942
The year in retrospect
Sir John Kirwan, Gold discoveries of Kalgoorlie and the Golden Mile
Jane Adam, Memories of Adelaide Terrace
P.U. Henn, Memoirs of Henry Maxwell Lefroy, 1818-1879
H.W. Baker, The early days of Mahogany Creek
Cyril Bryan, 'Two little maids'
F.W. Bateson, The story of the Canning Stock Route
C.M. Harris, The Eastern Goldfields early explorers, 1863-1866 (H.M. Lefroy - C.C. Hunt)
F.J.S. Wise, Western Australian explorations

Vol. 3 Part 5 1943
Jubilee of Hannan's Gold Find: Settlers' difficulties, problems and dangers
The late Mrs. Mary Farrelly
Sir John Kirwan, Early days of the Legislative Council
A. Burton, Convicts in Western Australia
Centenary of the Roman Catholic Church
Jane E. Adam, Old St. Georges Terrace
M.E. Wood, First contacts made with Western Australian natives
Robert StephensHistory of the origin of the town of Albany and its street names
C.M. Harris, Early history of Eastern Goldfields (from the records of Greaves and Risely)
A Department of Archives: An urgent need

Vol. 3 Part 6 1945 (Feb)
Dirksey C. Cowan, The Introduction of Merino and Other Sheep to the Swan River Settlement
Kate Caldwell, The reminiscences of Mrs. Annie Morrison (1853-1942)
F. W. Bateson, The first Inter-School Rowing Race
A. Burton, The diary of O.P . Stables (1880-1889)
C.M. Harris, Pioneer women of the Goldfields
Norman Sligo, A christmas box 'for the Missus and the kids'
A. Burton, Migration to Western Australia (From a thesis of Dr. Merab Harris)
F.W. Bateson, Memories of Perth (1886-1893)
W.W. Abbett, Early history of the Perth Road Board
A. Burton, The diary of Anne Whatley

Vol. 3 Part 7 1945 (Dec)
A.H. Telfer (for S.H. Taylor)Western Australia 's historical nuggets
W.L. Owen, Pilbara Gold Mines and others
C. Murray, Sir James George Lee Steere
Robert Stephens, The first growth of potatoes in Western Australia
R.L. MacKay, Early pastoralists in North-West Western Australia
C.M. Harris, The Margaret and the Murchison Fields
K. Caldwell, J. S. W. Parker and the Town of Dangin
J. Lawrence, Perth-Adelaide Telegraph Link, 1877

Vol. 3 Part 8 1946
Sir John Kirwan, The first Commonwealth Parliament
W.E. Bold, Looking backward
J.C. Peterkin, The finding of the Murchison Goldfields
M.G. Cammilleri, Fairlawn
Reminiscences of Mrs. K. Clifton
Dr. R.C. Fairbairn, Diary of Mary Bussell's Voyage in the "James Pattison"
F.W. Bateson, Murchison - 1894
Larry Cammilleri and the Brown Hill Mine

Vol. 3 Part 9 1947
Sir John Forrest (from Sydney Mail, 2 October 1912)
John K. Ewers, Governor Kennedy and the Board of Education
C.M. Harris, Water tragedy and triumph on the Western Australian Goldfields
Dom William, Bishop Salvado's work
Christopher W. Coppin, A North-West tragedy: the big blow of 1887
E.S. Whiteley, The birth and progress of insurance
G. Spencer Compton, Telluride discovery: early history of Kalgoorlie find

Vol. 3 Part 10 1948
J.E. Deacon, Captain Richard Goldsmith Meares and his times
Mrs C.C. Richards, Memories of a Goldfields mother
Gus Luck, Hon. David Wynford Carnegie
Rhodes W. Fairbridge, Some experiments in child migration
F.I. Bray, Murchison Goldfield discovery
A.C. Staples, Outline of history of settlement in Harvey District
Athole Stewart, Western Sussex
A.C. Angelo, Kimberleys and North-West Goldfields

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