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Early Days

Volume 1, 1927-1931

Reminiscences of Perth:
1. Mrs Edward Shenton, Perth, 1830-1840
2. Mrs J. B. Roe, Some old-time memories
3. James Kennedy, Perth in my boyhood
J. B. Hitchcock, Fremantle, 1829-49
The Battle of Pinjarra, 1834:
1. Mrs E. S. Ilbery, The passing of the Bibbulmun
2. Mrs J. E. Grose, The background to the encounter
3. Dr. J. S. Battye, The official records of the encounter
1. E. Clifton, 'The founding of Australind': 38-45.
2. Mrs E. Chase, 'Early days at Australind': 45-54.
Mrs E. D. Cowan, Letters of Early Settlers

Guildford and the Swan:
1. Paul Hasluck, Guildford, 1827-1842
2. Canon Alfred Burton, Life on the Swan 85 Years Ago
3. Mrs W. Burges and Miss D. Cowan, Fashions in the ’Thirties
Horace Stirling, The Telegraph in W.A.
Mrs H. K. Maley and Mrs M. Farrelly, The Greenough District
The Rev'd Bro. Bede Lazaro, New Norcia
Dr. J. S. Battye, Perth street nomenclature
Mr and Mrs T. H. Ilbery, Adam Lindsay Gordon: His Connection with Western Australia

Mrs E. D. Cowan, Early Social Life and Fashions
North-West History:
1. A. R. Richardson, A Survey
2. J. E. Hammond, The disaster to the Clarkson brothers, 1874
P. E. C. de Mouncey, 'Births, marriages and deaths records of Western Australia, with reference to other states, (Part 1)', 33-45.
Miss V. H. Ferguson, The Late Mrs John Withnell

Paul Hasluck, The First Year in the North-West
Augusta in 1833: From the Diary of Mrs Nancy McDermott
W. G. Pickering, The Letters of Georgina Molloy

P. E. C. de Mouncey, The historic duel at Fremantle between George French Johnson, a merchant, and William Nairne Clark, a solicitor, in the year 1832
Paul Hasluck, Early settlers on the Murray
W. C. Thomas, Outlines of the timber industry in W.A.

Mrs T. Pelloe, The York Road
Canon Alfred Burton, The diary of Joseph Hardey
C. H. Stone, The diary of Alfred Hawes Stone

Mrs E. D. Cowan, Bishop Hale and Secondary Education
The Baxter Memorial
F. I. Bray, The Hentys at Swan River
Canon Alfred Burton, The Diary of Anne Whatley
C. H. Counsel, Pioneering the Gold Trail in the Kimberley and the North-West
H. P. Woodward, The Discovery of the Yilgarn
J. Stoddart, The Early Days of Coolgardie: Being the Short Experience of an Amateur Prospector
F. I. Bray, Prospectors’ Rewards

E. C. Clifton, Music and the Stage in the Early Days, (Part 1)
P. E. C. de Mouncey, 'Births, marriages and deaths records of Western Australia, with reference to other states, (Part 2)': 19-34.
J. M. McDermott, The Turners at Augusta, 1830-1850
The Whaling Tunnel, Fremantle
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Whaling in the Early Days
Miss D. C. Cowan, Woodbridge; The Building of Woodbridge
Paul Hasluck and F. I. Bray, Early Mills of Perth
F. I. Bray, New Light on the Johnson-Clark Duel
Membership, 1930

Canon Alfred Burton, An Archdeacon on Tour, 1851
E. C. Clifton, Music and the Stage in the Early Days, Part 2
Paul Hasluck, Farming in the Forties: The Burges Journals
Miss K. Caldwell, Fremantle Street Names
J. E. Hammond, The Builders of Perth
The Reminiscences of Mr Fred H. Moore
Mrs E. Chester, Early Days in Albany

The Diary of Mary Ann Friend
Miss D. C. Cowan, The Voyage of the Warrior, 1829
Canon Alfred Burton, George Leake at Sea, 1829
Paul Hasluck, The Voyage of the Ivy, 1871
Mrs J. Cowan, Some Pioneer Women
P. E. C. de Mouncey, Historical Notes:
1. Governor Stirling’s Family
2. A Glimpse of Perth in 1829
3. The Round House, Fremantle
4. A Reference to the Early Newspapers of Western Australia
Chipper’s Leap
Reveley’s Mill

Membership, 1931

Plaque commemorating John Baxter
Locations on the Swan River, 1830 (map)
James Woodward Turner
J. W. Turner’s House at Augusta, ca. 1845
A View of Augusta, ca. 1835
The First settlement at Augusta (map)
W. K. Shenton’s proposed windmill (plan)
Reveley’s property in Perth (plan)
Perth in 1838, showing mill sites (map)

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