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Elections 2017


Fremantle City Council, October 2015

Elections in October 2017 will return six councillors and the mayor.

Nominations close 14 September.
Candidates as @ 13 September:

Brad Pettitt has declared that he is standing again.
Ra Stewart, from the Chamber of Commerce, is the only other declared mayoral candidate to date.

City Ward
Claudia Green, educationist, was first to announce her candidacy. She was an unsuccessful candidate in 2015. She will receive the support of the Fremantle Society.
Adin Lang.
Linda Wayman, former manager at Austereo.
Roel Loopers had declared he would definitely not run again, having failed to get elected in Beaconsfield in 2015, but has changed his mind.
Julie Morgan.
Mike Finn, businessman, expressed interest, but withdrew.
Simon Naber is the retiring candidate.

North Ward
Douglas Thompson is the incumbent.
Michele Corbo is running against him.

South Ward
Liam Carter, Green, will run against
Cr Andrew Sullivan, architect/developer.
Marija Vyjcic is also running as is
Ben Moodie.

East Ward
Jenny Archibald, former mayor and former president of the Fremantle Society, will run against
Michelle Cunningham
to replace departed councillor Dave Coggin, who now works for the Premier.

Fedele Camarda is running against
Cr Hannah Fitzhardinge.

Catherine Hammond of the Fremantle Society will run against incumbent
Sam Wainright, a member of the Socialist Alliance.
Catherine Hammond was unsuccessful in Beaconsfield ward in 2015.

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