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East Fremantle Council Election

Elections 21 October 2017 have returned these four councillors and the mayor:

Jim O'Neill (mayor), Jenny Harrington (Plympton), Michael McPhail (Preston Point), Andrew McPhail (Richmond), Tony Watkins (Woodside).

Official results.

The turnout rate was 38.09%.
O'Neill beat Collinson for mayor 1164 to 964.

Candidates, with incumbent in italics, in alpha order, and with actual votes. For Plympton Ward:
Jenny Harrington (355), Matilda O'Neill (166); for Preston Point Ward: Julie Amor (120), Kerry Donovan (222), Stephen Green (83), Michael McPhail (301), Tony Natale (235); for Richmond Ward: Andrew McPhail (228), Robert Petanceski (85), Martin Spencer (134); for Woodside Ward: Tony Watkins (unopposed).

Current Membership of Town Council after elections Oct 2017

Jim O'Neill
Richmond Ward
Andrew McPhail
Woodside Ward
Tony Watkins
Plympton Ward
Jenny Harrington
Preston Point Ward
Michael McPhail

Membership East Fremantle Town Council after elections Oct 2015

Jim O'Neill 2013-17

Plympton Ward
Jenny Harrington 2013-17
Cliff Collinson elected unopposed 2015-19

Preston Point Ward
Michael McPhail 2103-17 Deputy Mayor
Luke Nicholson elected 2015 (131 votes) - resigned 17 Aug 2017

Julie Amor (not elected with 129 votes in 2015)
Timothy Milsom (not elected with 74 votes in 2015)

Richmond Ward
Andrew McPhail elected unopposed 2013-17
Dean Nardi elected unopposed 2015-19

Woodside Ward
Andrew White, elected unopposed 2015-19
Tony Watkins 2013-17

Candidates for election 21 October 2017, statements from council webpage

Elections 21 October 2017 will return four councillors and the mayor.
See below for the candidates by ward: Plympton, Preston Point, Richmond, Woodside.

oneilljim Jim O'Neill is the sitting mayor

Dear elector I am nominating for Mayor. Suzanne and I have lived in East Fremantle for 32 years and our four adult daughters grew up here. I have represented the people of East Fremantle as Councillor and Mayor for a total of 16 years. As Mayor, I have presided over a cohesive and productive Council. I will work to reduce the impact of traffic through our town, particularly trucks, protect and enhance access to the Swan River, improve footpaths and parks and support elderly care programs, sporting clubs and community groups including the Glyde-In. I will maintain our excellent financial position, further improve communication and ensure urban infill is balanced by preservation of public open spaces and improved access to recreation areas. Vote for a Mayor with the experience and skills to embrace new opportunities whilst preserving the things that make East Fremantle a great place to live. Home: 9339 2425. Mobile: 0413 211 873. Postal Address: 72 Allen Street East Fremantle 6158. Email: Social Network Address: facebook/mayor.jim.oneill

collinson Cr Cliff Collinson is the other candidate for mayor.

I am a retired schoolteacher who has been a resident of the town for 32 years. I have been a Councillor for 10 years and in that time served on numerous council committees and I am currently chair of the town's planning committee. I have been actively involved in numerous community and environmental groups over the years including Radio Fremantle presenting regular programs for over 25 years. I am currently convenor of the Fremantle Oxfam Group and an active member of the waste recycling education network. I am passionate about the town's heritage and have constantly advocated not only for environmental sustainability but for preservation of our heritage properties and streetscapes. Developments should be sympathetic to their surroundings. I am the only mayoral candidate who actively opposed council amalgamations. I kicked off the campaign to save the town while the others were happy to roll over. Home: 9339 6452. Postal Address: 48 King Street East Fremantle 6158.Email:

Plympton Ward

harrington Cr Jenny Harrington

Dear Plympton Voters, I have lived in East Fremantle since 1986. Our children attended Richmond Primary where for six years I was either Vice President or President of the School P&C. I was first elected as a Councillor for the Woodside Ward; later elected as a Councillor for Plympton during which time I also served as Deputy Mayor. I am committed to the sympathetic redevelopment of the Royal George Hotel, the Leeuwin Barracks and Woodside Hospital, and a balanced outcome regarding the potential redevelopment of our football oval. I operate a successful events management business and more recently was appointed as Agricultural Education Executive for the Royal Agricultural Society of WA. My business experience and comprehensive understanding of community and local government, mean I am well suited to continue my responsibilities as a Councillor. I am ready for the challenges ahead and ask for your support. Kind regards, Jenny Harrington. Mobile: 0418 911 777. Postal Address: 31 Allen Street East Fremantle 6158. Email:

matildaoneill Matilda O'Neill

I'm nominating to represent the Plympton ward as a councilor [sic] for the Town of East Fremantle. Having grown up in and spent my entire life as a resident in this town I feel very passionately about its’ [sic] uniqueness, beauty and lifestyle which I am determined to maintain for the future generations to enjoy. I hope to make my contribution to the town in an effort to maintain a cohesive community in a clean and accessible environment. I am in my final years of my study at Curtin University majoring in International Relations and International Business. Including studying a variety of areas such as social justice and human rights, economics, anthropology, international politics and communications and Australian international relations in the global sphere. I hope to bring a fresh sense of enthusiasm to the council and would like to see the interests of all members of the community represented in council. Postal Address: 72 Allen street East Fremantle East Fremantle 6158.

Preston Point Ward

michaelmcphail Cr Michael McPhail

Over the last four years, East Fremantle Council has transformed. We’ve installed new management. Residents are better communicated with; we’ve entered the digital age with an e-newsletter, Facebook, and a functional website. Major projects are underway: foreshore upgrades will soon commence, Town Hall restoration and public access improvements are underway, Richmond Quarter is now complete. And residents are better engaged in major decisions, most recently in the future of the Leeuwin Barracks. To make East Fremantle even better, next steps include: increasing the quality and quantity of useable recreation space along our river foreshore, achieving redevelopment of the Royal George Hotel with its new owner, and increasing investment in footpath upgrades. Educated in town planning, I have served diligently as your Deputy Mayor. Having grown up in East Fremantle, I offer the local knowledge of a long-time resident, with a perspective cast firmly towards improving our future. Mobile: 0404 979 273. Postal Address: 78 East Street East Fremantle 6158. Email: Social Network Address:

stephengreen Stephen Green

My name is Stephen Green and have enjoyed living in East Fremantle for last 40 years. I feel the time has come for me to provide my services to the Town of East Fremantle and its residents. I am passionate about East Fremantle and feel that I can add value to this strong community. I currently work part time in the marine industry and have held senior management positions throughout my career. I am keen to become a councillor so I can help with various issues, such as, improving footpaths, cycle ways, Swan River facilities, community clubs and the development of the Leeuwin barracks. My three children loved growing up in East Fremantle and all went to Richmond Primary School. I enjoy boating, surfing and walking the streets of East Fremantle. I will do my best to help and improve the Town of East Fremantle. Mobile: 0401 656 415. Postal Address: 39 May Street East Fremantle 6158. Email:

natale Tony Natale

I have lived in the Preston Point area with my family for over 20 years. During this time, I have volunteered with various sporting clubs, school groups and other committees within the surrounding district. Professionally, I have built a career in Procurement assisting organisations develop and manage commercial contracts, delivering positive outcomes for businesses and more recently a large metropolitan Council. I am attuned to the local issues affecting our Council and have a strong passion for sustainability. I believe effective stewardship over the Swan River foreshore, local infrastructure and future urban development is essential for our Town to remain sustainable over generations. I have the energy, drive and experience to help protect our community against environmental, social and local economic challenges. I am highly committed to ensuring East Fremantle retains its unique character and sense of place with openness, integrity, service and accountability on local issues. Mobile: 0419 929 825. Postal Address: 4 Woodhouse Road East Fremantle 6158. Email:

amor Julie Amor

I have lived in East Fremantle for 25 years, and brought up my son here. I come from a health background having worked as a registered nurse and then a counsellor most of my working life. I previously served on council for 1.5 yrs in 2014-15. I like to see accountability and transparency in local government and think of myself has having a voice of reason which means I do not always agree with the status quo. Our council has a lack of female representation at the moment so I would like to help address that. Residents should feel confident in approaching council without fear or favour. I am interested in ensuring that our increasing numbers of senior folk are supported to live in our community as well as preserving community facilities, environment and services ensuring that community’s interests are reflected in the development of the Leeuwin Barracks.

donovan Kerry Donovan

I have lived in East Fremantle for 40 years am passionate about community involvement a safe and secure environment for all residents from young to old. A way to achieve this goal is to provide open spaces and facilities that bring people together. With the redevelopment of the East Fremantle Football Oval and the Leeuwin Barracks I think the opportunities to create this are excellent. In 2014 I retired from a senior executive position with Challenger Institute, as part of the executive team responsible for policy development, infrastructure, risk management, and corporate compliance with a budget 89m. I serve on three committees for St John of God Murdoch Hospital for the governance of consumer engagement. I have volunteered for the Fremantle Citizens Advice Bureau and the Maritime Museum. I have the desire, commitment, experience, and skills to represent all ratepayers and work with the council during this time of opportunity. Postal Address: 3A Oakover Street East Fremantle 6158

Richmond Ward

andrewmcphail Cr Andrew McPhail

Serving as Richmond Ward Councillor for the last two years has been a privilege. During this time, the management of our Town has significantly progressed. My finance, management and business experience has guided Council's efforts to improve our service culture and financial management. Our sound financial position has enabled us to fund significant foreshore, parks and playground upgrades, whilst remaining debt free. Future priorities include accelerating our footpath renewal program, delivering an achievable masterplan for East Fremantle Oval, and ensuring Leeuwin Barracks progresses into an example of exceptional urban design and sustainability of which we can be proud. My family and I have lived in East Fremantle for 22 years. As Managing Director of a long-established CPA accounting practice, I've served as Treasurer of East Fremantle Junior Football Club, and other private and non-profit companies. I am dedicated to preserving and improving our unique heritage, amenity and lifestyle. Home: 9319 1419. Mobile: 0412 936 772. Postal Address: 11 Angwin Street, East Fremantle 6158. Email:

spencer Martin Spencer

I have lived in East Fremantle with my Wife and three Sons for over 19 years. Through those years I have been heavily involved in local schools and sporting clubs. Over the years I have worked with the community to achieve their aspirations in sustainable transport and greener urban development. I am running for Council because I am passionate about community involvement. I will also bring my passion for equality and justice, active listening and belief in the power of community. I want to see more trees planted and I support improvements to footpaths and parks for Richmond Ward and East Fremantle. I want to help the community explore the formation of a ‘Town Team’ to support place making in our commercial spaces. I look forward to hearing about your aspirations for our community and how I can support your involvement. Mobile: 0439 699 377. Postal Address: 74 Fortescue Street East Femantle 6158. Email:

petanceski Dr Robert Petanceski

My name is Dr Robert Petanceski. I have lived at 119 Petra street East Fremantle for 9 years in the ward of Richmond. I am married with 3 young daughters. I grew up in Wollongong, NSW and studied medicine in NSW University. I moved to Perth and finished my higher degree and specialty training in orthopaedic surgery at Royal Perth Hospital. I currently work as an orthopaedic surgeon at St John of God Hospital, Murdoch. I am a keen runner and cyclist. I play tennis at the local club. I am involved in local health developments such as GP talks and training. I am interested in the character and future direction of East Fremantle. Work: 9301 0101. Postal Address: 119 Petra Street East Fremantle 6158. Email:

Woodside Ward

watkins Cr Tony Watkins will be re-elected unopposed.

I have served as Councillor for the past four years and am nominating
as Councillor for the Woodside Ward. Maria and I moved to East Fremantle over 32 years ago and raised our family in the Woodside Ward. I am a member of East Fremantle Yacht Club and regularly walk for exercise. Through my interactions within the Town I am aware of the issues that are important to residents and ratepayers. Among my most important priorities are protecting public open space; improvement of our parks, playgrounds and footpaths; and protection of the Swan River, including the foreshore parks. Other priorities are better traffic management and continuation of services such as Home and Community Care, sporting and community groups. I will also ensure the continued transparency and accessibility of Council to ratepayers. I have the time, commitment and experience to represent your interests on the council. Mobile: 0427 980 907.Postal Address: 63 Irwin street East Fremantle 6158. Email:

Fremantle Herald coverage,16 September 2017

CLIFF COLLINSON is a sitting councillor at East Freo and is running for mayor.
JIM O’NEILL is the current mayor and has lived in East Freo for 32 years.

Plympton Ward (1 vacancy):
MATILDA O’NEILL, the mayor’s daughter, nominated at the eleventh hour.
JENNY HARRINGTON is a sitting councillor and wants a sympathetic redevelopment of the Royal George Hotel.

Woodside Ward (1 vacancy):
TONY WATKINS is a sitting councillor who wants to protect public open space and improve the condition of playgrounds and footpaths. He was the only candidate to nominate and will be re-elected unopposed.

Richmond Ward (1 vacancy):
ANDREW MCPHAIL is a sitting councillor who wants to deliver an achievable masterplan for East Fremantle Oval and a good outcome for Leeuwin Barracks.
MARTIN SPENCER is campaigning for more trees to be planted and for the improvement of footpaths and parks.
ROBERT PETANCESKI is an orthopaedic surgeon who is interested in the character and future direction of East Freo.

Preston Point (2 vacancies):
MICHAEL MCPHAIL is a sitting councillor who is looking to improve the recreation space along the foreshore and have the Royal George Hotel redeveloped.
STEPHEN GREEN has lived in East Freo for 40 years and wants to improve footpaths, cycle ways and facilities at the Swan River.
TONY NATALE is passionate about sustainability and has lived in Preston Point ward with his family for over 20 years.
JULIE AMOR says East Freo doesn’t have enough women councillors and wants to readdress the balance and also support seniors in the community.
KERRY DONOVAN wants to create a secure and safe environment for residents in East Fremantle.

East Freo already has parent and child councillors (Andrew and Michael McPhail) and if the O’Neills and McPhails are both elected, the tiny chambers at East Freo council could be quite a family affair.

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