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Above photo from East Freo Council website. From left: Tony Natale, Andrew McPhail, Gary Tuffin (CEO), Michael McPhail (deputy mayor), Jim O'Neill (mayor), Andrew White, Julie Harrington, Cliff Collinson, Dean Nardi, Tony Watkins.

East Fremantle Council History

East Fremantle was originally established on 2 April 1897 as a municipality with a mayor and councillors under the Municipal Institutions Act 1876. With the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, all municipalities became Towns effective 1 July 1961. For electoral purposes East Fremantle is divided into four wards, each of which is represented by two councillors.

Before becoming a municipality, East Fremantle, like the Melville Road Board district, formed part of the Fremantle Road Board. It was anxious to become incorporated with the Fremantle municipality, but as overtures in that direction were repeatedly rejected by Fremantle, it constituted itself a separate municipality in 1897. Prior to becoming a municipality, East Fremantle possessed a separate Board of Health acting independently of the Fremantle Road Board. That was formed to enable the residents to cope with the nuisance arising from the old slaughterhouse* which was located in the centre of Plympton. Hitchcock: 94. [* The slaughterhouse, Herbert Baker's butchery, was where Glasson Park is now, on Hubble, George, and Glyde Streets.]

Mayors of the Municipality of East Fremantle

mossMatthew Moss 1897–1900

mcdonaldFrancis McDonald 1900–1901 (or 1903?)

William Angwin 1903–1906

S. Thomson 1906–1909

allenJoseph Francis Allen 1909–1914

Leonard Burlington Bolton 1914–1919

Harry Woodhouse 1919–1924

locke Herbert John Locke 1924–1931

Joseph Francis Allen 1931–1933, died in office 23 May 1933

John Munro 1933–1934, elected at an extraordinary election 14 June 1933

Herbert John Locke 1934–1944

wauhopWilliam Wauhop (1887-1971, MBE) 1944–1961

Mayors of the Town of East Fremantle

William Wauhop 1961–1964

Victor Ulrich 1964–1974

Ian Gilbert Handcock 1974–1991

Andrew Bruce Smith 1991–1994

Timothy Martin Smith 1994–1997

Andrew Bruce Smith 1997–2001

jim oneill Jim O'Neill 2001–2007

Alan Ferris 2007–2013

Jim O'Neill 2013-present

Some Earlier Councils




east 1946

This was thought to be a photograph of the East Fremantle Municipal Council in 1946: and the Fremantle History Centre has requested information about it. If it were, that should be chairman William Wauhop front and centre. But Wauhop is not in the photo at all. Compare the group photos above. Wauhop was Mayor for twenty-one years, 1944-1964. This cannot be a photo of the EFC, unless it's after 1964, and the gents are dressed for earlier than that.

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